Funny Moment: Child-actors Casting

MOME Office was filled with joyful laughs of kids on the first day of child-actors casting. The little kids were extremely talented. They worked well with the camera and the crew, and also showed great interest in acting. Their warm acts had melted the heart of everybody! Let’s take a look on the funny moments in the casting!


The New generation of MOME Charming – This little boy was very good at posing, he had much potential to becoming MOME’s next spokesperson!



Prodigy of Lines – Kids nowadays are very smart, they take only a few minutes to memorize all the lines. See, the little girl was so confident!



Action! – The casting started! The young actors were very confident in front of the camera and do not suffer a bit from stage fright.


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King of Stock? – As the pronunciation of “巧虎 (a Chinese cartoon)” and “炒股 (stock speculation)” is very similar, the crew was shocked when they heard the boy liked “炒股” at such a young age… In fact, he was talking about the Chinese cartoon only.


Behind the Scene: “Mission MOME”


“Mission MOME”, a brand new reality show produced by MOME TV, aims at spreading positive life attitude and messages via MOME’s exclusive media coverage.

Sio Keong is the protagonist in the first story. He suffers from cerebral palsy but he never feels low with his physical defect. In stead, he actively takes part in paralympics and operates Taobao purchase business. In the episode, he will be given a surprise by our production team.

The first few episodes of “Mission MOME” is supported by Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau, Macau General Aviation and Flying Association, Hong Kong Aviation Club, and Heliservices Hong Kong. The first episode will be broadcasted in December 2015 on MOME TV.



A surpise to Sio Keong – The guest hosts, Hyper and Josie covered Sio Keong’s eyes with a eye mask and led him to the “surprise”.



“It’s a helicopter!” – Taking off the eye mask, Sio Keong was very excited when he saw the helicopter landed in front of him.


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Mission MOME family – Sio Keong’s dream was achieved with the help of Mission MOME family.

MOME TV Production| Offline TV to Online Video

The rise of smartphones and online technology is impacting the public’s habit towards traditional media. In Hong Kong and Macau, many of us not only watch TV but also browse on our smart devices during gatherings and parties. According to the research, 40% of YouTube global watch time is from mobile devices. It shows that users are spending more time watching videos on personal devices. Therefore, MOME TV insists in providing local produced shows and a 3 to 7 ratio on commercial versus entertainment programs. We will also offer free Wi-Fi service in year 2015 in order to match the audience’s needs during their public transportation journey. Popular MOME TV Programs, such as 【Crazy Moment】、【Macau People】and【MOME Dictionary】are available online on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Crazy Moment 小百科 澳門人情味



MOME TV | Bringing Fun to Public Transportation


TV monitors are installed in many buses and taxis in Macau nowadays. Passengers are able to receive information and entertainment during their trip on these public transportation. Their journey is more than just looking at the view outside of the window or their mobile devices. There new media are bring more fun to the public transportation in Macau.

Being one of the biggest bus and taxi TV media in Macau, MOME TV’s mission is to provide quality new information, local production and entertainment to our audience. Therefore, MOME TV is always looking for new ideas for our program in order to advance Macau’s entertainment industry.

MOME TV has high standards on our own production. We have also invited a few of TVB’s ex-directors to join our team. Our current productions include: 《澳門人情味》、《MOME小百科》、《Crazy Moment》、《全城熱播》、《澳遊作樂》、《Quick Fit》、《Pet’s Love》、《What App is the Best》、《創夢‧擊情》、《邊度有味》and more. New programs will be updated continuously, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page to learn more!

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