MOME’s Charity Project: Calling for Animal Adoption

MOME has always been keen to fulfill social responsibility by utilizing the power of its own exclusive mobile media to spread out positive message to local community. Realizing the problem of stray animals, MOME is currently working with Anihelp and Masdaw, two non-profit making organizations to provide an opportunity of exposure for the animals rescued. The animals are listed on the interactive banner section of MOME TV so as to to raise public attention towards abandoned pets and assist them to find a new family.

We are very excited that some of the pets listed on the interactive banner section have been adopted after the launch of the campaign. In the future, MOME will continue to preserve animal rights by offering a media channel for promoting pet adoption.

Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 8.24.20 PM

Some of the pets are adopted after the launch of the campaign

MOME Collaborates with ontv to Enrich Programme Genres

Which is the come-back TV drama of T.O.P? And what is the latest trend of leisure and electronics? You will know the answers well if you follow MOME TV.

MOME, collaborating with Oriental Press Group’s online television platform ontv, starts broadcasting ontv lifestyle and entertainment programmes on MOME TV from 15th December 2015.

Aside from striving to produce local innovating programmes, MOME is trying to introduce more informative and entertainment programmes which are popular in other regions to enrich audience’s visual experience and choices. The collaboration with ontv allows MOME to offer diversified genres which are popular among audience, including lifestyle, technology, entertainment and Kpop on Bus TV and Taxi TV.

MOME TV, launched in July 2014, is our exclusive TV channel broadcasting a series of informative, entertaining and lifestyle based programmes adored by the local citizens and tourists. MOME TV is visible in a growing number of public transports, retail outlets, and online platforms.

Oriental Press Group is the largest press group in Hong Kong. ontv, launched in March 2013, provides netizens with diversified programmes, of which current affair and entertainment programmes are particularly popular.

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“WiFi Bus +” Trail Report

“WiFi Bus +” service has been in use for 2 months. Don’t you enjoy the WiFi service while traveling with bus?

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.52.17 AM

In the first stage, CTM-WiFi hotspot and free bus WiFi hotspot are available on over 330 buses operated by Transmac. Upon successful login to designated CTM-WiFi SSID and complete the registration process, passengers will be entitled to enjoy free internet service.


Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.53.09 AM

Upon user testing, the free WiFi hotspot on “Wifi Bus +” can be searched easily. Users will be redirected to the login page once the network is connected. You will need to fill in your mobile phone number to receive a SMS activation code in order to activate the internet service.


Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.58.36 AM

Your device will be connected to the internet after entering the 6-digit activation code. The WiFi service is smooth, users are able to surf the net, update status on social media and watch videos online, etc. Each login will be granted 30-minute internet service.

“The popularization of WiFi and e-commerce is undoubtedly a big trend,” said Joe Liu, the Director of MOME, “Hence, ‘WiFi Bus +’ service will be further promoted to other public transportation and retail stores in order to enable local citizens and tourists to enjoy the fun of having interactivity on the Internet. In addition, local stores can also make use of this platform to promote their businesses by O2O means and create new business opportunities.”


More at:

Part 1:
Part 2:…


“WiFi Bus+”Launches on Transmac Buses


The CTM “WiFi Bus+” & “M.wallet” launch ceremony was held on October 29th afternoon at Telecentro, CTM. Officiating guests included Ebel Cham, VP of Commercial, CTM; David Lao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Macau Pass; and Joe Liu, Director of MOME. The launch of “WiFi Bus+” & “M.wallet” is a result of CTM, Macau Pass and MOME combing under the “E-Commerce and Network Business Partnership” framework formed by the three parties early this year.


2015-10-29 14.37.36

In the first phase, “WiFi Bus+” serveice is available on over 330 buses operated by Transmac. CTM WiFi customer can use WiFi service in Transmac buses by simply logging in CTM-WIFI. In the meantime, free WiFi is also available for passenger on WiFi Bus+. Upon successful login to designated CTM-WiFi SSID and complete the registration process, passenger can enjoy 30 min WiFi service for free.

In celebration of the launch of WiFi Bus+ & M.wallet, CTM and MOME will jointly organize a WeChat Game from Nov 3rd until Nov 30th on MOMEplay. Prizes include CTM One-Day WiFi pass, CTM 4G plan prepaid card, M.wallet voucher, Apple Watch and iPad. Further details can be referred to MOMEplay Official Wechat account.

MOME First Anniversary | MOMEplay Roadshow Highlights


Scan the QR code to enter MOMEplay

MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign has officially kicked off last weekend! On July 17 to 19, 2015 MOME scouted out around Macau to recruit MOMEplay users.

On July 17, our MOME girls met the public for the first time in Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church Square. After playing MOMEplay “Shout Out Loud”, the participants will receive an instant reward of MOP50 cash coupon, doing our best to ensure those who visited the roadshow are all winners. We also gave away free mobile SIM cards, and this was especially attractive to tourists as they can have Internet access during their time in Macau.

MOME girls at Senado Square

The next day, our MOME beach boys created hype at Rua da Cunha in Taipa and further the publicity of MOMEplay. Afterwards we relocated to the intersection of Rua do Campo and Travessa dos Anjos. The MOME beach boys interacted with the pedestrians took photos and demonstrated MOMEplay. They gave a fresh and sunny vibe of MOME’s energetic image.

MOME beach boys at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys attracting a crowd at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys at Rua do Campo

MOME beach boys sporting the iconic color of MOME, orange

We held our third day event on Rua se Pedro Nolasco da Silva near St Dominic’s Church Square and we had the most participation that day.

MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign

In just three days, we have generated more than 100,000 impressions by our offline and online media platforms on buses, taxis and social media. More than 3,500 users have taken part in MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign. The odds are in your favor because we still have over 400 prizes awaiting claim!

For the upcoming Saturday and Sunday, July 25 -26, 2015, we will be back at Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, so if you missed us the previous weekend, be sure to mark down your calendars and come hang out!



MOME First Anniversary | MOMEplay Interactive Game Platform


Scan the QR code to enter MOMEplay

July marks as a special month for MOME, as MOME TV reaches its first anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, MOME is launching a brand new virtual WeChat game platform MOMEplay.


Everyone can have fun with MOMEplay! From July 17 to Aug 7, 2015, board any Transmac bus with MOME TV installed. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on and just “shake” it off. Our 1st anniversary campaign includes two parts, “Shout Out Loud” and “1st Anniversary Survey”. Wish MOME TV happy birthday in “Shout Out Loud” and you will have a chance to win prizes instantly. You can enter as many times as you want until winning a prize. Simply redeem more chances by inviting your friends to play! For “1st Anniversary Survey”, answer a few questions and you will be automatically entered to win the final grand prizes. Exclusively for our anniversary launch, there are 580 prizes including fabulous iPhones, iPads, a cash prize of MOP $8,888, gift cards and many more. Take action fast before the prizes are all gone!

prize list outline-02

We are holding a few roadshows to show you how to have fun with MOMEplay. The events will be on July 17 – 19 and the following weekend July 25 – 26 from 14:00 to 18:00. The first roadshow party of MOMEplay will be hosted at Senado Square. To spice things up we have invited male and female models in beach wear to show you how to shake, shout and win.

On behalf of the whole staff of MOME, we would like to thank the community for all the tremendous support the past year. Come enjoy yourself and celebrate MOME’s first birthday with us on this weekend!

The internet famous Transmac “bus driver” will make an appearance to the roadshow as well. Make sure to follow our Facebook page to learn more!


MOME Advertising | Selling Your Ideas

MOME believes creativity and results are equally important to advertisers.

During a client meeting, presenting the strategic proposal is one of the most critical factors of gaining the client’s trusts which can result in winning the account. From the client’s perspective, using a good advertising plan can increase its brand awareness and maintain its relationship with the loyal customers. It’s almost like choosing a future husband. An effective advertising plan may become viral, boost the brand performance and increase sales.

When “selling” your plan to your client, it starts with “selling” your character. Clients are usually attracted to “charming”AMs and agencies. They are more likely to agree with your ideas if you can show them your confidence and answer all their questions. The pitching meeting is also a psychological battle. There is a metaphor in the industry “Agencies are like Santa Claus, we get all kinds of requests.” However, there is no “difficult clients”. Building a strong trust relationship with the client is the key to winning the account.

Besides professionalism and persuading skills, the advertising network and products are also very important. MOME is dedicated to develop an O2O platform and become a one-stop marketing solution. By leveraging Macau’s number 1 mobile medium, we are able to to spread advertising messages farther and broader.

Below are some images shared by WATERCRAB – “What if Santa was an agency?”


Santa-Advertising-Agency-7 Santa-Advertising-Agency-6 Santa-Advertising-Agency-5 Santa-Advertising-Agency-4 Santa-Advertising-Agency-3 Santa-Advertising-Agency-2

MOME Sponsorship: UM Communication Society #V15s Contest


University of Macau Students’ Union Communication Society was running a creative video contest – “#V15s” in March to April, 2015, and MOME was the official media sponsor for the event. All submissions have been collected already and MOME will be showcasing the top 10 “Best Videos” on MOME TV in the coming month.

“#V15s” means “Videos in 15 seconds” and the theme of the contest is “Ours”. Contestants only have to send a 15-second long direct video message to @COMM_SOC on Instagram to participant. “#V15s” is the official hashtag for contestants who what to share their production with the public. Two awards – “Best Video” and “Most Popular Video” will be given to the selected videos. The event aims to inspire the students’ creativity and encourage them to create videos with their mobile devices. In addition, all submissions are required to be recorded on the new University of Macau campus in order to have the university students to pay more attention to their surrounding environment.

MOME supports authentic local culture and creativity. Follow our channel to see more “made in Macau” productions.

MOME Case Study: Let’s Catch MOME – an O2O Collaboration

Let's Catch MOME

Social media became one of the major trends in new media. It is pointless for a brand to only have its official account “exist” on social platforms. In order to optimize marketing communication and public relations leveraging social media, one not only has to actively manage its account but also has to bring online conversations to offline activities.

Many brands advertise promotions and sales online to attract consumers to spend money offline. In contrary, they also invite their customers on traditional media (offline) to interact with their brand online. All of these tactics are good examples, showing how digital and mobile media are becoming irreplaceable in marketing and PR communication.

Earlier this year, MOME launched a Facebook campaign – “Let’s Catch MOME”. By leveraging a series of bus body advertisement, we asked our fans to take a picture of the “MOME Buses”, submit it to our Facebook page for a chance to win prizes. As a result, we successfully increased our brand awareness and following. We also created a fun image for our bus body advertisements by taking advantage of O2O marketing.

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