Alpha TV To Launch in 2017

MOME, the media and marketing company has reached collaborative agreement with Alpha Group to launch “Alpha TV” in mid 2017.

On the collaboration, 40 outlets under the pharmacy group will install MOME TV monitors. In addition, 43” outdoor giant LED monitor is installed inarguably in some of the popular outlets such as Macau Square. The move aims to providing a more friendly informative channel to citizens and a cost-effective promotional medium to advertising clients.

“Alpha TV” will showcase the most reputed programs of MOME TV, such as “Macau People”&“Yummy MOME” during the trial. For instance, the mobile media provider is producing a series of health program featuring Alpha Group‘s experienced pharmacists to share health tips with the general public.

MOME TV is the pioneer of local mobile media, which had installed over 1000 monitors on Transmac public bus, taxi and Royal Supermarket outlets in the past 3 years. The collaboration with Alpha Group is a milestone for the MOME to expand its coverage and credibility.

Alpha Group is the largest local pharmacy group. Its 300 full-time staff members strive to serving free health consultancy service to local residents.


Full Support to “Famine Macau”

MOME is delighted to supporting World Vision’s “Macau Famine 2017” fundraising activities. The media agency would broadcast promo videos on its mobile platform to call for attention to needy children.

Joe Liu, the Director attended the launching ceremony on 17th January at Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Auditorium and accepted souvenir on stage. To encourage public to give attention to global poverty and famine problem, MOME will start broadcasting “10-hour Famine Camp” promo video on its Bus TV platform from March.

Joe is happy to support “Famine Macau”. He hoped MOME’s involvement would lead more Macau citizens to join hands helping the needy children. He also wished to carry out more community projects together with his staff in the future to contribute back to society.


Famine population worldwide exceeds 0.8 billion, which is even more damaging than some of the epidemic diseases such as AIDS and malaria. The theme of “Famine Macau” this year is “Let kids be satiated”, amount fundraised will support needy children and families in Sothern Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia affected by hunger, poverty, natural disaster and war.


What’s up in 2016?

MOME is honored to have worked with our valuable partners and clients in 2016 to accomplish many distinctive projects. In 2017, we promise to work even harder to providing professional and diversified services to each of you who have been supporting and devoting trust in us!

Let’s Fly, Momanababa!


“Momanababa”, the flying machine created by two local creative companies MOME and Manner, took off in “Redbull Flugtag 2016” held in Kai Tak Runway Park on 27th November. The project was fully supported by Macau General Aviation and Flying Association (MGAFA) and Allway Advertising & Production Ltd. (Allway).



“Momanababa” is the first participating group from Macau ever since. From planning, design to building, the flying machine took 4 months to complete.

The flying machine was 6 meters long with a giant glider on the top. Joe Liu, the Director of MOME and core participant, explained the design was inspired by the modes of transportation connecting Macau and Hong Kong. “We come up with an idea of combining ferry and helicopter in our design, and that becomes a cheerful spaceship.”







*The making of Momanababa


Though not receiving any prizes in the event, the “pilot” of “Momanababa” Hou was satisfied with the result. “Ours may not be perfect, as long as it can ‘fly’ a bit, that already means a lot to us.”

As supporting units who provided consultancy throughout the project, MGAFA and Allway were happy with the outcome. “Through providing consultancy support, we hope to arouse youth’s knowledge and interest in general aviation,” said Clovis Chu, the President of MGAFA.

The owner of Allway Tina Wong was delighted by the perseverance of the members. “Creativity requires trials and practices in order to succeed, we encourage young people to bravely take up their first step to make progress.”




*MGAFA and Allway provided consultancy to Momanababa


Organized by Red Bull HK, Hong Kong Aviation Club and Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, “Red Bull Flugtag 2016” is an international event which dares both the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot home-made, human-powered flying machines off a 6 meter high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder. The event has been held in over 44 countries including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, US, Germany.

Why WeChat is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing in Macao?

WeChat, one of the leading instant messaging tools in the world, has become integrated into the daily live of most Macao residents that not to be overlooked. Businesses, either big or small all realize users’ heavy reliance on the messenger and its enormous capacity to communication, making WeChat the battlefield of carrying out promotion and marketing.

Tencent Pinguin Research released “WeChat Impact Report” in March 2016 with the sample group consisting 40,443 participants online and 1,101 participants on the phone in China, as well as 1,017 WeChat official account operators and 806 enterprise account operators. The result has fully reflected WeChat’s indispensable role in changing users’ lifestyle and interpersonal relationship, and the ecosystem of promotion and marketing.

According to the result, 94% of WeChat users use WeChat everyday, in which 61% opens Wechat more than 10 times per day; on the other hand, the research initiated by Macao Association for Internet Research also indicates users in Macao open WeChat as high as 16 times in average per day.


Furthermore, more than half of the users use WeChat more than one hour, which means WeChat has become one of the most used social media for mobile Internet users.


WeChat owns 600 million active users and its penetration rate in Macao has exceeded 94% in 2015, which is equivalent to mainland China first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc. At the same time, each WeChat user owns at least 50 to even hundreds of “friends”, which implies at least 14,000 perspective customers can be reached if 100 users share related advertising message on WeChat Moments.

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In such a tiny area like Macao, interpersonal relationship is tightly connected with each other, which implies messages are easier to spread around every corner in the community in just one night. Hence, we can see WeChat as one of the most cost-effective and valuable mode of communication to allow you to achieving marketing objectives such as promoting new products, building up brand image and enhancing brand loyalty.


Tencent Pinguin Research. (2016). WeChat Impact Report. Tencent. (2015).
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Macao Residents Social Application and Online Purchasing Survey Report.


Have Fun Together: MOME’s 2nd Bday


Apart from sunshine and beach, what else can you think of about summer? Let’s just sweat and have fun with MOME!

To share joyfulness of MOME’s anniversary with the public, we hosted 3 roadshows near Senado Square and Rua do Cunha during weekends in August. We set up booths to play games and take great pictures with passers-by, as well as distributed souvenirs to fans who subscribed and supported MOMEplay.






img_02331705587250 img_0326

MOME Hosts Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival


Group performance on the final of  “Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival”


To promote art development of children, MOME co-organizes “Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival” with Zhuhai Xiangzhou Education Bureau, Zhuhai Bus Culture and Media Co. Ltd and 2 other institutions to learn from the successful experience of the event.




Talent show of the participants


Other than merely carrying out event promotion in Macau, we constructed an online voting system on MOMEplay for voting “the Most Popular Actress Award”, totally participation exceeded 140,000 throughout the campaign.


Miss Eunice Dong, Representative from MOME presented the prize to the winner



The grand performance will take place in a grand theater in Zhuhai in December 2016


“We are MOME!”

Everyone was waiting for the one and only one word from the director.

MOME’s office was later heat up with the diligent performance of all “athletes”. They were all dedicated to take good shots for MOME’s corporate video to embrace its 2nd anniversary.

Inspired by an international sports event held in August, MOME’s creative team links up sports spirit and the joyfulness of the company’s anniversary to construct a playful corporate video.


Every department symbolizes athletes in various fields, yet everyone has the same goal: to fight for a better future. The adventurous spirit, which coincide with the core value of the creative agency, was perfectly reflected in the plot.





Other celebration campaigns for MOME 2nd anniversary also include MOMEplay campaign “MOlympics” launched on 5th August, 2 feature sports programs and roadshow promotion.



The Duck is in Town

The Rubber Duck is finally in town on 29th April. Aside from  being the Media Partner of the event responsible for the planning and coordination of media placement, MOME was also invited by Transmac to include “duck element” in the design of the 25 buses purchased, hence to create another “duck trend” in the community. The theme bus was opened for public visit from 29th April to 2nd May at Macao Science Museum, and it had substantially captured the attention of the visitors on site.


A5752A (smaller)


*MOME was one of the Officiating guests of the launching ceremony






*How popular the theme bus was


*MOME and the Duck!


Rubber Duck is Coming to Town!

Rubber Duck, the giant floating sculpture designed by Florentijn Hofman, is going to make its trip to Macao in April. As being one of the media partners, MOME has tailor-made a comprehensive plan to promote its arrival, and to bring joy and happiness to everyone in Macao.

With a loveable appearance, the Rubber Duck is designed to promoting world peace and harmony. By demonstrating the innocent image of a toy duck in public place, Hofman, the Dutch urban installation artist, hopes to cheer up urbanites who are bombarded with stress. Originate from the Netherlands, the floating sculpture has made its journey to more than 30 cities since 2007. It had been trendy in every city that it had visited and will soon become another phenomenon in Macao.

The Rubber Duck will be exhibited at the sea area between Macau Science Museum and Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre from 29th April to 27th May. Before seeing it in real, we can already find its figure on buses and taxis bodies everywhere. We are very excited about its arrival and looking forward to meeting it in April!



Rubber Duck Theme Bus



MOME is one of the media partners in the event

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