MOME Gives Talk on Business Startups

Invited by Fukien Youth Federation of Macao, MOME gave talk on startup entrepreneurship in “Internet + and Youth Opportunity” Forum on 10th June in Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel Banquet Room.


During the forum, Man Wong, Executive Director of MOME, elaborated and gave examples on the development of Internet technology related industries in Macau. She believed though the local market seemed lacking of diversity, in fact enormous opportunities were presented and benefited from the rapid rise of tourism. Entrepreneurs needed to take a closer look on the market trend to create new opportunities.



“Internet + and Youth Opportunity” was hosted by Fukien Youth Federation of Macao. 4 speakers from Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau shared their vision on business startups in the era of Internet +.


MOME Becomes the Official Digital Marketing & Media Partner of IFFAM

MOME accepted the Certificate of Acknowledgement as the Official Digital Marketing & Media Partner of the First International Film Festival & Awards Macao from Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, MGTO Director in the Press conference.


The press conference of the First International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM) was hosted on 27th May at Macau Tower, at which MGTO and MFTPA signed the cooperative agreement under the witness of Alexis Tam, the Secretary of for Social Affairs and Culture. After then an introductory video of IFFAM was broadcasted and all supporting units and sponsors were recognized with awarding the Certificate of Acknowledgement.




Joe Liu, the Director on MOME was happy to take part in this international event. “We will pay our full effort in helping to promote this world-class film pageant to local residents and tourists with our resources.”

IFFAM will be held during 8th to 13th December, over 500 local and international media, directors, celebrities, producers, investors will be invited to attend a series of event, including film competitions, screenings, film market and master class.


The Duck is in Town

The Rubber Duck is finally in town on 29th April. Aside from  being the Media Partner of the event responsible for the planning and coordination of media placement, MOME was also invited by Transmac to include “duck element” in the design of the 25 buses purchased, hence to create another “duck trend” in the community. The theme bus was opened for public visit from 29th April to 2nd May at Macao Science Museum, and it had substantially captured the attention of the visitors on site.


A5752A (smaller)


*MOME was one of the Officiating guests of the launching ceremony






*How popular the theme bus was


*MOME and the Duck!


MOME wins Gold Award in Macao Youth Business Awards

MOME was awarded Gold Award in Macao Youth Business Awards 2015 held on 26th April in the Building of Macao Chamber of Commerce.



*Photo source: Speaking Macao


Around 30 enterprises were admitted to the interview session in March after careful portfolio selection by the judging panel. The presentation on company overview and future planning given during the interview session by the Directors of MOME, Joe Liu and Joseph Chan had received unanimous compliment from the judging panel.

Revealed in an interview, Joe Liu believed the award was recognition to the team’s effort over the past one and a half years. “We hadn’t had expected to be awarded,” said Liu, “at first our initiative to participation is to learn and gain experience. The feedbacks of the judging panel made us to think about how we would be able to do better in the future.” Lastly, he encouraged young entrepreneurs that “your first step is important, or you won’t know how far you can achieve.”


2016-04-26 16.50.05


Organized by Macao Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee and sponsored by Bank of China Macau, Macao Youth Business Awards 2015 was set up to recognize the effort and contribution of Macao young entrepreneurs to promote local economic development.



MOME gives sharing in UN


MOME attended UM Commfest 2016 to share on its business strategies built on O2O model with students of University of Macau (UM).

Joe Liu, the Director and Man Wong, the Executive Director were invited by UM Commfest 2016 Committee to give a sharing in “Talk of the Era – MOME Interactive Experience” on 19th April in UM. The applications and potential of O2O platform on marketing sector were discussed and probed.




Students were eager to learn about the utilization of O2O platforms in marketing and they gave rise to an animated and lively discussion during the Q&A session. “We are enthusiastic to meet up with young people and listen to their thoughts about media, their ideas always inspire us and this is a bilateral learning process which benefits both of us,” said Liu.

UM Commfest 2016 was a series of activities organized by senior students of Communication Department of UM. The theme “#NEOSOCIETY” emphasizes on elaborating current transformation and opportunities brought by the rise of new media to local media industry via demonstrating remarkable examples of neighboring regions.



“Macao Hunt” : Golden Monkey Welcomes the New Year

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) announced details of the grand outdoor celebration event for Chinese New Year, known as the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey”, on the press conference held on 14th January. The annual event features fabulous float parade alongside over 1,000 performers, splendid fireworks, local display of floats, as well as “Macao Hunt”, an interactive Wechat game featuring “Golden Monkeys”.


The Press Conference


_DSC4777 copy

MOME introduced “Macao Hunt”


“Macao Hunt” will be launched from 1st February until 28th February, with prizes include lucky monkey gold figurine, iPhone6s, coupons from selected merchants of “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” and so forth.

Participants can login the game through MOMEplay or the Wechat account of MGTO. By initiating the shake function on Wechat or scanning the QRcode on the “Golden Monkeys” at designated area, the chance of winning will be enhanced. Moreover, participants will be able to collect more lucky draw chances by sharing the game link to friends on Wechat and filling in the in-game survey.

To celebrate the Year of Monkey, special editions of “Golden Monkeys” will be placed during the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” on 10th February evening.

“2016 Macau Pass X MOME Annual Dinner” Recap

“2016 Macau Pass X MOME Annual Dinner” was held on 28th January at Macau Tower. Attending guests included representatives from the SAR Government, media, public service corporations, banks and various enterprises.

2016-01-28 19.48.19-1

Joe Liu, the Director of MOME, presented the welcoming speech


MOME was established in mid 2014 and is gaining attention among the public. Through corporation with 3 bus companies in Macao, the mobile media platform of MOME has been extended to 240 buses and over 50% of taxis. MOMEplay, the interactive game platform launched in mid 2015, had successfully combined offline and online media to create a one-stop O2O marketing solution for clients. “In the coming year, MOME will work closely with Macau Pass to drive Macao’s economy and build up ‘Digital Macau’,” said Joe Liu, the Director of MOME, during the welcoming speech.

2016-01-28 20.05.23

Toasting session


The event also included awarding ceremony, staff performances from Macau Pass and lucky draw. The dinner ended with joyful laughters.

2016-01-28 21.28.29

The ultimate winner in the lucky draw


2016-01-29 13.54.58

Group photo of MOME family

MOME Receives Gold Award in Innovation in Business Awards of Macau

MOME was awarded Gold Award in Innovation in the 3rd Annual Business Awards of Macau (BAM) Gala Ceremony on 26th November at the Grand Lisboa Grand Ballroom. A total of 11 Gold Awards and 27 Excellence Awards were given in the ceremony.

Business Awards 2015_GLP_60

Joe Liu and Joseph Chan, the Directors of MOME, received the prize on stage.


Business Awards 2015_GLP_62

Liu was presenting winner’s testimonial on stage.


“Dare to dream, dare to act, dare to create” is the core value of MOME. The company has been attempting different approaches to bring along new elements to the media and marketing industry. “We strive to integrate with traditional culture and media platforms using innovative ideas to achieve better marketing and communicating effectveness,” said Joe Liu, the Director.

“The company is also exploring new platforms such as WeChat to develop channels to better interact with residents and tourists”, according to Joseph Chan, another Director of MOME.



BAM recognises the diverse business and entrepreneurial talent of the business community and gives local professionals a chance to highlight what is great about their businesses. The Innovation Award highlights individuals or companies, which have introduced significantly new products or processes, contributing to an increase in productivity and the significance of innovation as a strategy to influence ongoing business development.


Business Awards 2015_GLP_B131

Group photo of all BAM awardees.

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