ICBC X MOMEplay Gets You Off To a Good Start

If life was like a running track, every stage in life would mean a starting line. To get off to a good start, “ICBC X MOMEplay Stand by You” Campaign awards you amazing prizes to make you better equipped to meet future challenges in life.


The game is presented in the format of a running competition. If you are able to catch 5 icons during your turn, you will be awarded an electronic scratch card which may grant you great prizes such as iPhone SE and $1,888 cash credit. Additional chance will be awarded for a click by each friend, and filling in-game questionnaire will grant you 3 additional chances.



The game period starts from 27th Jun until 17th July, let’s gather your friends to goal!


MOMEplay Reaches Another Peak

A big hand to MOMEplay which reaches another peak in the number of participants! Co-launched for MGTO, “Macao Hunt – Gems Hunting” started from 23rd April until mid of May, players would be able to win prizes such as Mac Book, iPhone when they collected 8 types of gems.


We made the game more fun and challenging by dispersing the check-in points throughout Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, and thus achieving a remarkable result of 135,000 participants and 36,000 times of check-in.


To encourage more arriving tourists to participate in Macao Hunt, our team distributed free SIM Cards to tourists at Macau Border Gate, Macau Ferry Terminal and Science Museum during the Labour Day Golden Week.

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The next round of MOMEplay featuring “sports” would be launched soon, keep a close eye on our Wechat online account!


MOMEplay Takes You to Magic Show, and What’s Next?

We believe many of you were amused by the spectacular magic presented by Cyril after watching his street magic performance highlight video on MOME TV. Your desire to enjoy a wonderful night with his magic is well captured, and here comes the opportunity: MOMEplay is going to take you to the magic live show of Cyril!



Hosted in Match, “MOMEplay Takes you to Magic Show” had given away a total of 100 sets of Cyril Magic Up Close and Personal Live Hong Kong 2016 show tickets. The campaign was exceptionally popular that MOMEplay had received 3000 enquiries throughout the campaign. All tickets were given away in 3 hours in the first round of redemption on 12th March and the remaining tickets were all redeemed in a marvelous speed of an hour during the second around of redemption.


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We are happy to see the immense participation in the previous campaign. Therefore, we are going to launch “MOMEplay New Jetso”, the brand new element of MOMEplay, to share more surprises and happiness with our fans starting from April. “MOMEplay New Jetso” is one of the standard campaigns hosted by MOMEplay. Together with our partners, we will give away show tickets from time to time. You will be able to redeem movies tickets and concert tickets for free when you have accumulated certain amount of checkpoints. Want to be the first fans of “MOMEplay New Jetso”? Subscribe MOMEplay on Wechat now!

“Macao Hunt” Achieves Good Result in the New Year

“Macao Hunt”, the interactive Wechat game featuring “Golden Monkeys”, had ended on 28th February. The game successfully added value to the New Year celebration campaign initiated by MGTO with bright results.



The game is very popular among local residents, and tourists from all over the world. The total number of participants throughout the game period had exceeded 114,000, in addition, more than 34,000 times of check-in at the designated checkpoints were recorded. MOMEplay is glad to have the opportunity to work with MGTO to further promote “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities” walking routes for the good of the development in local tourism.

Special editions of “Golden Monkeys” were placed during the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” on 10th February evening to enhance the chance of winning. The “Golden Monkeys” had successfully caught the attention of the audience, who were keen to check in with the “Golden Monkeys”.



“Macao Hunt” was popular among local residents and tourists



Our staffs demonstrated the game to the audience during the parade


“Macao Hunt” featuring the next theme will be back soon, check out MOMEplay for the latest news!

MOME X OCBC Awards You Red Pockets!

Sending and grabbing “red pockets” on Wechat has become a new tradition in celebrating Chinese New Year. The popularity of “Wechat Red Pocket” can be reflected on its spectacular participation – 75 million times of participation was achieved in a short period of time after its launch in January 2014. To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, MOMEplay and OCBC had prepared plenty of red pockets for all of you, have you won any?



OCBC X MOMEplay New Year Campaign launched from 5th February, prizes included iPhone6s, credit card credits, cash coupons, etc. MOMEplay knew that everyone wanted to get as many red pockets as possible, so we decided to award 2 opportunities of lucky draw for each click on the shared game link during the Lunar New Year Holiday (8th-10th February). Remember to ask your relations for help when you pay New Year calls.

The campaign had ended on 25th February, 20,000 prizes were given out with more than 100,000 people participated in the game. congratulations to the lucky fellow who won the iPhone! Who will take the Apple Watch home? Check out the result of the ultimate lucky draw!

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MOMEplay X Future Bright Treat You Big Meal!


*Various food coupons


As Lunar New Year is approaching, it is a great time to gather family and friends to celebrate. Therefore, MOMEplay and Future Bright Group decide to treat you dinners and award you iPhone 6s.

The campaign started from 11th January. If you share the game link to more of your friends, you will be able to win more food coupons to enjoy your meal. Moreover, after redeeming the coupon at designated restaurant, you will be granted an extra opportunity to win iPhone6s and $1000 catering voucher.


The game ended on 31st January with total participants of 137,000. The coupon redemption period ends on 31st March, take your time to enjoy your big meal!

MOMEplay 100-day Recap

Happy 100-day MOMEplay! To celebrate the big moment, a celebration campaign had been launched to give away amazing prizes of a total value of $100,000.


“MOMEplay 100-day Campaign” launched from 9th November, prizes included 5-star hotel suite, gift vouchers, credit card credits, cash coupons, etc. More than 700 prizes were given out during the first week, and all prizes had been given away by 29th November.

All winners will be notified by phone or email to collect prizes, congratulations!

MOMEplay will keep bringing more exciting games and amazing prizes in the future, let’s scan the QR code below to subscribe MOMEplay Wechat official account!


MOMEplay X China Telecom Campaign Ends with Big Success


The prize award ceremony of China Telecom Campaign, jointly launched by MOMEplay and China Telecom Macau, was held on October 16th at China Telecom’s flagship store near Dynasty Plaza. 5 lucky users won the ultimate prize – a brand new iPhone 6S, and more than 10,000 users won $68/2GB or $68/4GB discounted monthly data plan in the campaign.

*What’s coming up? MOMEplay 100-day Give-away!


To celebeate the 100th day of MOMEplay, we will launch a celebration campaign soon to give away amazing prizes of a total value of $100,000. Check out MOMEplay Official Wechat account for details!

MOME TV Production| Offline TV to Online Video

The rise of smartphones and online technology is impacting the public’s habit towards traditional media. In Hong Kong and Macau, many of us not only watch TV but also browse on our smart devices during gatherings and parties. According to the research, 40% of YouTube global watch time is from mobile devices. It shows that users are spending more time watching videos on personal devices. Therefore, MOME TV insists in providing local produced shows and a 3 to 7 ratio on commercial versus entertainment programs. We will also offer free Wi-Fi service in year 2015 in order to match the audience’s needs during their public transportation journey. Popular MOME TV Programs, such as 【Crazy Moment】、【Macau People】and【MOME Dictionary】are available online on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Crazy Moment 小百科 澳門人情味



MOME Case Study: MGTO “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of Ram” – WeChat Campaigns

MOME澳動傳科 - MGTO WeChat Campaign 案例

Coming to the “We” era, WeChat users have exceeded 700 million. By taking advantages of this trend, many businesses and governmental departments started leveraging WeChat to promote instant updates and interact with their followers.

In February, MOME conducted “WeChat New Year Lucky Draw” and “WeChat Blessing Message Wall” campaign for MGTO’s “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of Ram”. Users only need to scan a QR code and follow MGTO’s official WeChat account to register for the lucky draw. Resulting in more than 76,000 WeChat users participant. It became the most participated WeChat promotional campaign in Macau. Regarding to the WeChat message wall, as long as users leave messages at the MGTO’s official account, their messages might be selected to be shown on the live streaming projected screen during the parade. Being able to share wishes and blessings with the public, more than 500 users sent us their messages in the three hour event. The event also became the first major WeChat wall campaign in Macau.


Both campaigns received good reviews and participation. We successfully raised MGTO’s brand awareness and increased its following. More importantly, users are paying more attention to Macau festivals, holiday events and its international traveling destination image.

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