MOME wins Gold Award in Macao Youth Business Awards

MOME was awarded Gold Award in Macao Youth Business Awards 2015 held on 26th April in the Building of Macao Chamber of Commerce.



*Photo source: Speaking Macao


Around 30 enterprises were admitted to the interview session in March after careful portfolio selection by the judging panel. The presentation on company overview and future planning given during the interview session by the Directors of MOME, Joe Liu and Joseph Chan had received unanimous compliment from the judging panel.

Revealed in an interview, Joe Liu believed the award was recognition to the team’s effort over the past one and a half years. “We hadn’t had expected to be awarded,” said Liu, “at first our initiative to participation is to learn and gain experience. The feedbacks of the judging panel made us to think about how we would be able to do better in the future.” Lastly, he encouraged young entrepreneurs that “your first step is important, or you won’t know how far you can achieve.”


2016-04-26 16.50.05


Organized by Macao Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee and sponsored by Bank of China Macau, Macao Youth Business Awards 2015 was set up to recognize the effort and contribution of Macao young entrepreneurs to promote local economic development.



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MOME gives sharing in UN


MOME attended UM Commfest 2016 to share on its business strategies built on O2O model with students of University of Macau (UM).

Joe Liu, the Director and Man Wong, the Executive Director were invited by UM Commfest 2016 Committee to give a sharing in “Talk of the Era – MOME Interactive Experience” on 19th April in UM. The applications and potential of O2O platform on marketing sector were discussed and probed.




Students were eager to learn about the utilization of O2O platforms in marketing and they gave rise to an animated and lively discussion during the Q&A session. “We are enthusiastic to meet up with young people and listen to their thoughts about media, their ideas always inspire us and this is a bilateral learning process which benefits both of us,” said Liu.

UM Commfest 2016 was a series of activities organized by senior students of Communication Department of UM. The theme “#NEOSOCIETY” emphasizes on elaborating current transformation and opportunities brought by the rise of new media to local media industry via demonstrating remarkable examples of neighboring regions.



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MOMEplay Takes You to Magic Show, and What’s Next?

We believe many of you were amused by the spectacular magic presented by Cyril after watching his street magic performance highlight video on MOME TV. Your desire to enjoy a wonderful night with his magic is well captured, and here comes the opportunity: MOMEplay is going to take you to the magic live show of Cyril!



Hosted in Match, “MOMEplay Takes you to Magic Show” had given away a total of 100 sets of Cyril Magic Up Close and Personal Live Hong Kong 2016 show tickets. The campaign was exceptionally popular that MOMEplay had received 3000 enquiries throughout the campaign. All tickets were given away in 3 hours in the first round of redemption on 12th March and the remaining tickets were all redeemed in a marvelous speed of an hour during the second around of redemption.


webwxgetmsgimg (1)

We are happy to see the immense participation in the previous campaign. Therefore, we are going to launch “MOMEplay New Jetso”, the brand new element of MOMEplay, to share more surprises and happiness with our fans starting from April. “MOMEplay New Jetso” is one of the standard campaigns hosted by MOMEplay. Together with our partners, we will give away show tickets from time to time. You will be able to redeem movies tickets and concert tickets for free when you have accumulated certain amount of checkpoints. Want to be the first fans of “MOMEplay New Jetso”? Subscribe MOMEplay on Wechat now!

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Rubber Duck is Coming to Town!

Rubber Duck, the giant floating sculpture designed by Florentijn Hofman, is going to make its trip to Macao in April. As being one of the media partners, MOME has tailor-made a comprehensive plan to promote its arrival, and to bring joy and happiness to everyone in Macao.

With a loveable appearance, the Rubber Duck is designed to promoting world peace and harmony. By demonstrating the innocent image of a toy duck in public place, Hofman, the Dutch urban installation artist, hopes to cheer up urbanites who are bombarded with stress. Originate from the Netherlands, the floating sculpture has made its journey to more than 30 cities since 2007. It had been trendy in every city that it had visited and will soon become another phenomenon in Macao.

The Rubber Duck will be exhibited at the sea area between Macau Science Museum and Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre from 29th April to 27th May. Before seeing it in real, we can already find its figure on buses and taxis bodies everywhere. We are very excited about its arrival and looking forward to meeting it in April!



Rubber Duck Theme Bus



MOME is one of the media partners in the event

MOME’s Charity Project: Calling for Animal Adoption

MOME has always been keen to fulfill social responsibility by utilizing the power of its own exclusive mobile media to spread out positive message to local community. Realizing the problem of stray animals, MOME is currently working with Anihelp and Masdaw, two non-profit making organizations to provide an opportunity of exposure for the animals rescued. The animals are listed on the interactive banner section of MOME TV so as to to raise public attention towards abandoned pets and assist them to find a new family.

We are very excited that some of the pets listed on the interactive banner section have been adopted after the launch of the campaign. In the future, MOME will continue to preserve animal rights by offering a media channel for promoting pet adoption.

Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 8.24.20 PM

Some of the pets are adopted after the launch of the campaign

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“Macao Hunt” Achieves Good Result in the New Year

“Macao Hunt”, the interactive Wechat game featuring “Golden Monkeys”, had ended on 28th February. The game successfully added value to the New Year celebration campaign initiated by MGTO with bright results.



The game is very popular among local residents, and tourists from all over the world. The total number of participants throughout the game period had exceeded 114,000, in addition, more than 34,000 times of check-in at the designated checkpoints were recorded. MOMEplay is glad to have the opportunity to work with MGTO to further promote “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities” walking routes for the good of the development in local tourism.

Special editions of “Golden Monkeys” were placed during the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Monkey” on 10th February evening to enhance the chance of winning. The “Golden Monkeys” had successfully caught the attention of the audience, who were keen to check in with the “Golden Monkeys”.



“Macao Hunt” was popular among local residents and tourists



Our staffs demonstrated the game to the audience during the parade


“Macao Hunt” featuring the next theme will be back soon, check out MOMEplay for the latest news!

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MOME X OCBC Awards You Red Pockets!

Sending and grabbing “red pockets” on Wechat has become a new tradition in celebrating Chinese New Year. The popularity of “Wechat Red Pocket” can be reflected on its spectacular participation – 75 million times of participation was achieved in a short period of time after its launch in January 2014. To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, MOMEplay and OCBC had prepared plenty of red pockets for all of you, have you won any?



OCBC X MOMEplay New Year Campaign launched from 5th February, prizes included iPhone6s, credit card credits, cash coupons, etc. MOMEplay knew that everyone wanted to get as many red pockets as possible, so we decided to award 2 opportunities of lucky draw for each click on the shared game link during the Lunar New Year Holiday (8th-10th February). Remember to ask your relations for help when you pay New Year calls.

The campaign had ended on 25th February, 20,000 prizes were given out with more than 100,000 people participated in the game. congratulations to the lucky fellow who won the iPhone! Who will take the Apple Watch home? Check out the result of the ultimate lucky draw!

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Behind the Scene: It’s all about Magic

I am sure you have heard of Cyril’s big name as one of the pioneers of street magic. The legendary magician is returning to Hong Kong to present his most amazing magic in April since his last show in Macau last year.

MOME is invited to become the Exclusive Media Partner of Cyril Magic Up Close and Personal Live in Hong Kong 2016. Aside from utilizing our exclusive mobile media platforms to promote Cyril’s big show, our professional production crew also engaged in the production of all promotional videos of the show, which include highlights of his flash mob performances in Hong Kong in January. Moreover, in the press conference held in February at Plaza Hollywood, we conducted live broadcast throughout the event. Let’s take a look on what we have done!


2016-01-29 13.06.00

Cyril is one of the biggest names in street magic


2016-01-30 12.44.24 2016-01-30 12.45.27 HDR

The passers-by were totally amazed by Cyril’s spectacular performance



MOME conducted live broadcast for the press conference in February



Cyril, together with all organizers and sponsors, toasted to congratulate beforehand on the success of his show


The highlights of the flash mob performances will be available on MOME TV soon, follow MOME for the latest news of Cyril’s big show!

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2016 Feb: OCBC X MOMEplay Campaign

OCBC X MOMEplay Campaign


Date: Feb 5th, 2016 to Feb 25th, 2016

Highlight: Sending and grabbing “red pockets” on Wechat has become a new tradition in celebrating Chinese New Year. We incorporate this idea to the OCBC campaign to wish all Macau residents a happy new year.

Result: 20,000 prizes were given out with more than 100,000 people participated in the 3-week campaign.

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2016 Feb: MGTO X MOMEplay Campaign

MGTO X MOMEplay Campaign “Macao Hunt”


Date: Feb 1st, 2016 to Feb 28th, 2016

Highlight: Launched during the Lunar New Year featuring the “Lucky Monkey”, the campaign encouraged participants to look for “Lucky Monday” and check in at designated check points in order to generate people flow for the area.

Outcome: More than 114,000 people participated in the 1-month campaign and 34,000 times of check-in were recorded.

Advertising TVC:

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