MOME Receives Gold Award in Innovation in Business Awards of Macau

MOME was awarded Gold Award in Innovation in the 3rd Annual Business Awards of Macau (BAM) Gala Ceremony on 26th November at the Grand Lisboa Grand Ballroom. A total of 11 Gold Awards and 27 Excellence Awards were given in the ceremony.

Business Awards 2015_GLP_60

Joe Liu and Joseph Chan, the Directors of MOME, received the prize on stage.


Business Awards 2015_GLP_62

Liu was presenting winner’s testimonial on stage.


“Dare to dream, dare to act, dare to create” is the core value of MOME. The company has been attempting different approaches to bring along new elements to the media and marketing industry. “We strive to integrate with traditional culture and media platforms using innovative ideas to achieve better marketing and communicating effectveness,” said Joe Liu, the Director.

“The company is also exploring new platforms such as WeChat to develop channels to better interact with residents and tourists”, according to Joseph Chan, another Director of MOME.



BAM recognises the diverse business and entrepreneurial talent of the business community and gives local professionals a chance to highlight what is great about their businesses. The Innovation Award highlights individuals or companies, which have introduced significantly new products or processes, contributing to an increase in productivity and the significance of innovation as a strategy to influence ongoing business development.


Business Awards 2015_GLP_B131

Group photo of all BAM awardees.

MOMEplay 100-day Recap

Happy 100-day MOMEplay! To celebrate the big moment, a celebration campaign had been launched to give away amazing prizes of a total value of $100,000.


“MOMEplay 100-day Campaign” launched from 9th November, prizes included 5-star hotel suite, gift vouchers, credit card credits, cash coupons, etc. More than 700 prizes were given out during the first week, and all prizes had been given away by 29th November.

All winners will be notified by phone or email to collect prizes, congratulations!

MOMEplay will keep bringing more exciting games and amazing prizes in the future, let’s scan the QR code below to subscribe MOMEplay Wechat official account!


Funny Moment: Child-actors Casting

MOME Office was filled with joyful laughs of kids on the first day of child-actors casting. The little kids were extremely talented. They worked well with the camera and the crew, and also showed great interest in acting. Their warm acts had melted the heart of everybody! Let’s take a look on the funny moments in the casting!


The New generation of MOME Charming – This little boy was very good at posing, he had much potential to becoming MOME’s next spokesperson!



Prodigy of Lines – Kids nowadays are very smart, they take only a few minutes to memorize all the lines. See, the little girl was so confident!



Action! – The casting started! The young actors were very confident in front of the camera and do not suffer a bit from stage fright.


webwxgetmsgimg (10)

King of Stock? – As the pronunciation of “巧虎 (a Chinese cartoon)” and “炒股 (stock speculation)” is very similar, the crew was shocked when they heard the boy liked “炒股” at such a young age… In fact, he was talking about the Chinese cartoon only.


Behind the Scene: “Mission MOME”


“Mission MOME”, a brand new reality show produced by MOME TV, aims at spreading positive life attitude and messages via MOME’s exclusive media coverage.

Sio Keong is the protagonist in the first story. He suffers from cerebral palsy but he never feels low with his physical defect. In stead, he actively takes part in paralympics and operates Taobao purchase business. In the episode, he will be given a surprise by our production team.

The first few episodes of “Mission MOME” is supported by Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau, Macau General Aviation and Flying Association, Hong Kong Aviation Club, and Heliservices Hong Kong. The first episode will be broadcasted in December 2015 on MOME TV.



A surpise to Sio Keong – The guest hosts, Hyper and Josie covered Sio Keong’s eyes with a eye mask and led him to the “surprise”.



“It’s a helicopter!” – Taking off the eye mask, Sio Keong was very excited when he saw the helicopter landed in front of him.


CIMG8707 copy

Mission MOME family – Sio Keong’s dream was achieved with the help of Mission MOME family.

“WiFi Bus+”Launches on Transmac Buses


The CTM “WiFi Bus+” & “M.wallet” launch ceremony was held on October 29th afternoon at Telecentro, CTM. Officiating guests included Ebel Cham, VP of Commercial, CTM; David Lao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Macau Pass; and Joe Liu, Director of MOME. The launch of “WiFi Bus+” & “M.wallet” is a result of CTM, Macau Pass and MOME combing under the “E-Commerce and Network Business Partnership” framework formed by the three parties early this year.


2015-10-29 14.37.36

In the first phase, “WiFi Bus+” serveice is available on over 330 buses operated by Transmac. CTM WiFi customer can use WiFi service in Transmac buses by simply logging in CTM-WIFI. In the meantime, free WiFi is also available for passenger on WiFi Bus+. Upon successful login to designated CTM-WiFi SSID and complete the registration process, passenger can enjoy 30 min WiFi service for free.

In celebration of the launch of WiFi Bus+ & M.wallet, CTM and MOME will jointly organize a WeChat Game from Nov 3rd until Nov 30th on MOMEplay. Prizes include CTM One-Day WiFi pass, CTM 4G plan prepaid card, M.wallet voucher, Apple Watch and iPad. Further details can be referred to MOMEplay Official Wechat account.

MOMEplay X China Telecom Campaign Ends with Big Success


The prize award ceremony of China Telecom Campaign, jointly launched by MOMEplay and China Telecom Macau, was held on October 16th at China Telecom’s flagship store near Dynasty Plaza. 5 lucky users won the ultimate prize – a brand new iPhone 6S, and more than 10,000 users won $68/2GB or $68/4GB discounted monthly data plan in the campaign.

*What’s coming up? MOMEplay 100-day Give-away!


To celebeate the 100th day of MOMEplay, we will launch a celebration campaign soon to give away amazing prizes of a total value of $100,000. Check out MOMEplay Official Wechat account for details!

MOME First Anniversary | MOMEplay Roadshow Highlights


Scan the QR code to enter MOMEplay

MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign has officially kicked off last weekend! On July 17 to 19, 2015 MOME scouted out around Macau to recruit MOMEplay users.

On July 17, our MOME girls met the public for the first time in Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church Square. After playing MOMEplay “Shout Out Loud”, the participants will receive an instant reward of MOP50 cash coupon, doing our best to ensure those who visited the roadshow are all winners. We also gave away free mobile SIM cards, and this was especially attractive to tourists as they can have Internet access during their time in Macau.

MOME girls at Senado Square

The next day, our MOME beach boys created hype at Rua da Cunha in Taipa and further the publicity of MOMEplay. Afterwards we relocated to the intersection of Rua do Campo and Travessa dos Anjos. The MOME beach boys interacted with the pedestrians took photos and demonstrated MOMEplay. They gave a fresh and sunny vibe of MOME’s energetic image.

MOME beach boys at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys attracting a crowd at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys at Rua do Campo

MOME beach boys sporting the iconic color of MOME, orange

We held our third day event on Rua se Pedro Nolasco da Silva near St Dominic’s Church Square and we had the most participation that day.

MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign

In just three days, we have generated more than 100,000 impressions by our offline and online media platforms on buses, taxis and social media. More than 3,500 users have taken part in MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign. The odds are in your favor because we still have over 400 prizes awaiting claim!

For the upcoming Saturday and Sunday, July 25 -26, 2015, we will be back at Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, so if you missed us the previous weekend, be sure to mark down your calendars and come hang out!



MOME First Anniversary | MOMEplay Interactive Game Platform


Scan the QR code to enter MOMEplay

July marks as a special month for MOME, as MOME TV reaches its first anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, MOME is launching a brand new virtual WeChat game platform MOMEplay.


Everyone can have fun with MOMEplay! From July 17 to Aug 7, 2015, board any Transmac bus with MOME TV installed. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on and just “shake” it off. Our 1st anniversary campaign includes two parts, “Shout Out Loud” and “1st Anniversary Survey”. Wish MOME TV happy birthday in “Shout Out Loud” and you will have a chance to win prizes instantly. You can enter as many times as you want until winning a prize. Simply redeem more chances by inviting your friends to play! For “1st Anniversary Survey”, answer a few questions and you will be automatically entered to win the final grand prizes. Exclusively for our anniversary launch, there are 580 prizes including fabulous iPhones, iPads, a cash prize of MOP $8,888, gift cards and many more. Take action fast before the prizes are all gone!

prize list outline-02

We are holding a few roadshows to show you how to have fun with MOMEplay. The events will be on July 17 – 19 and the following weekend July 25 – 26 from 14:00 to 18:00. The first roadshow party of MOMEplay will be hosted at Senado Square. To spice things up we have invited male and female models in beach wear to show you how to shake, shout and win.

On behalf of the whole staff of MOME, we would like to thank the community for all the tremendous support the past year. Come enjoy yourself and celebrate MOME’s first birthday with us on this weekend!

The internet famous Transmac “bus driver” will make an appearance to the roadshow as well. Make sure to follow our Facebook page to learn more!


MOME Sharing|MOME’s Office

MOME is not only a marketing and media company, we are also an energetic and creative local startup. Running a “new media”, we want to create as many interaction opportunities as possible with our audience. On Facebook, we share our new MOME TV programs on a weekly basis. “Macau People” tells local and authentic stories, “MOME Dictionary” explores interesting life hacks and “Crazy Moment” creates pranks and games for entertainment. Besides our popular programs, we also conduct prizes giveaway campaigns, such as “Let’s Catch MOME” and “I Love, I Say” from a few months ago and “UA X MOME Tickets Giveaway” from a few weeks ago. All campaigns attracted more than 100 participants. On Facebook, fans can closely follow our activities, witnessing our growth and development.

In the other hand, we share our unique office culture on MOME’s Instagram account. We have photos of behind the screen and funny videos for our fans to experience our true brand image working atmosphere. Below are some shots from Instagram, please follow our page to see more.

MOME Instagram


A video posted by MOME澳動傳科 (@mome_ltd) on

A photo posted by MOME澳動傳科 (@mome_ltd) on

A photo posted by MOME澳動傳科 (@mome_ltd) on

MOME TV Production| Offline TV to Online Video

The rise of smartphones and online technology is impacting the public’s habit towards traditional media. In Hong Kong and Macau, many of us not only watch TV but also browse on our smart devices during gatherings and parties. According to the research, 40% of YouTube global watch time is from mobile devices. It shows that users are spending more time watching videos on personal devices. Therefore, MOME TV insists in providing local produced shows and a 3 to 7 ratio on commercial versus entertainment programs. We will also offer free Wi-Fi service in year 2015 in order to match the audience’s needs during their public transportation journey. Popular MOME TV Programs, such as 【Crazy Moment】、【Macau People】and【MOME Dictionary】are available online on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Crazy Moment 小百科 澳門人情味



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