Fook Union: the 2nd Runner-up of Start-up Motivation Contest

MOME’s start-up proposal “Fook Union” was awarded the third place in Macao Youth Start-up Motivation Contest “Internet +” category for its comprehensive planning.  img_0554-copy

The final of the contest took place at Macau Science Museum on 31st August. A total of 22 proposals fought for the top 3 in each category.



Developed by MOME, Fook Union is a comprehensive leisure phone app. With traditional functions such as searching, commenting and e-coupons, Fook also supports ticketing, online payment and editorial. Fook will be launched on ios and Android formally before 2016.


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Have Fun Together: MOME’s 2nd Bday


Apart from sunshine and beach, what else can you think of about summer? Let’s just sweat and have fun with MOME!

To share joyfulness of MOME’s anniversary with the public, we hosted 3 roadshows near Senado Square and Rua do Cunha during weekends in August. We set up booths to play games and take great pictures with passers-by, as well as distributed souvenirs to fans who subscribed and supported MOMEplay.






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MOME Gains Distinction in Guangdong Youth Start-up Contest


MOME gained distinction in Guangdong Youth Start up Contest, in which the media company was the only participant from Macau and Hong Kong to be awarded throughout the competition. MOME was entitled to enter the semi-final for its stable business performance and prospective strategic planning among 3000 participants enrolled in Guangdong Province. After a series of training workshops and challenges, MOME was ultimately awarded distinction among 178 competitors.

Hosted by 18 government departments and youth associations in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Youth Start up Contest is one of the most renowned events for startups.

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“MOlympics” Hits the Town


“MOlympics”, a special MOMEplay campaign celebrating MOME’s 2nd anniversary, had created a phenomenon among players: more than 100,000 people participated the campaign within 48 hours and everyone was keen in collecting medals for redemption.

 859524043 momeplay

The game is designed in the way of “Monopoly” and set in a stadium to cohere the theme. Each “athlete” will roll the dice and move accordingly, they will be awarded lucky draw opportunity or medal for prize redemption. Total participation exceeded 145,000 people.


Congratulations to all winners!

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Prospective Students Visit MOME

Organized by Macao Federation of Trade Unions, a group of student-to-be visited MOME on 12th August on the topic of career planning. Colleagues from Public Relations, Project & Creative and Digital Creative Department introduced indus- try insights and key projects of the company respectively to the group and wrapped up with personal sharing on career development.


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MOME Hosts Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival


Group performance on the final of  “Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival”


To promote art development of children, MOME co-organizes “Zhuhai Youth Drama Carnival” with Zhuhai Xiangzhou Education Bureau, Zhuhai Bus Culture and Media Co. Ltd and 2 other institutions to learn from the successful experience of the event.




Talent show of the participants


Other than merely carrying out event promotion in Macau, we constructed an online voting system on MOMEplay for voting “the Most Popular Actress Award”, totally participation exceeded 140,000 throughout the campaign.


Miss Eunice Dong, Representative from MOME presented the prize to the winner



The grand performance will take place in a grand theater in Zhuhai in December 2016


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“We are MOME!”

Everyone was waiting for the one and only one word from the director.

MOME’s office was later heat up with the diligent performance of all “athletes”. They were all dedicated to take good shots for MOME’s corporate video to embrace its 2nd anniversary.

Inspired by an international sports event held in August, MOME’s creative team links up sports spirit and the joyfulness of the company’s anniversary to construct a playful corporate video.


Every department symbolizes athletes in various fields, yet everyone has the same goal: to fight for a better future. The adventurous spirit, which coincide with the core value of the creative agency, was perfectly reflected in the plot.





Other celebration campaigns for MOME 2nd anniversary also include MOMEplay campaign “MOlympics” launched on 5th August, 2 feature sports programs and roadshow promotion.



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Attended Entrepreneurship Youth Summit


Man Wong, Executive Director of MOME, represented local marketing industry to examine the future of digital marketing with industry experts in ”Overseas Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit Macau” on July 25th in Studio City Banquet Room. Attending guests include Cheung, President of the Asia Pacific Internet Research Alliance; Hu, Director of Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China; and Ku, Founding Director of E-commerce Association of Macau.




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Story Insight: Cultural Creator

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 6.16.46 PM

Creative industry in Macau is more emerging under the support of SAR government in recent years, with enormous number of local creative brands, handicraft, art gallery, art fair launched around the city.


Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 11.03.27 PM

MOME’s creative team has come up with a new series of program ”Cultural Creator” to elaborate the creative industry from the perspective of cultural entrepreneurs, offering audience a new insight to the vibrancy, operation and challenges of the uprising phenomenon.

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 6.18.29 PM

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 6.19.58 PM


Episode 1 to 3 is now available at MOME TV channels offline and online at


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2016 Jun: ICBC X MOMEplay Campaign

ICBC X MOMEplay Campaign


Date: Jun 27th, 2016 to Jul 17th ,2016

Highlight: The game is presented in the format of a running competition. If you are able to catch 5 icons during your turn, you will be awarded an electronic scratch card which may grant you great prizes such as iPhone SE and $1,888 cash credit. Additional chance will be awarded for a click by each friend, and filling in-game questionnaire will grant you 3 additional chances.

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