Why WeChat is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing in Macao?

WeChat, one of the leading instant messaging tools in the world, has become integrated into the daily live of most Macao residents that not to be overlooked. Businesses, either big or small all realize users’ heavy reliance on the messenger and its enormous capacity to communication, making WeChat the battlefield of carrying out promotion and marketing.

Tencent Pinguin Research released “WeChat Impact Report” in March 2016 with the sample group consisting 40,443 participants online and 1,101 participants on the phone in China, as well as 1,017 WeChat official account operators and 806 enterprise account operators. The result has fully reflected WeChat’s indispensable role in changing users’ lifestyle and interpersonal relationship, and the ecosystem of promotion and marketing.

According to the result, 94% of WeChat users use WeChat everyday, in which 61% opens Wechat more than 10 times per day; on the other hand, the research initiated by Macao Association for Internet Research also indicates users in Macao open WeChat as high as 16 times in average per day.


Furthermore, more than half of the users use WeChat more than one hour, which means WeChat has become one of the most used social media for mobile Internet users.


WeChat owns 600 million active users and its penetration rate in Macao has exceeded 94% in 2015, which is equivalent to mainland China first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc. At the same time, each WeChat user owns at least 50 to even hundreds of “friends”, which implies at least 14,000 perspective customers can be reached if 100 users share related advertising message on WeChat Moments.

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In such a tiny area like Macao, interpersonal relationship is tightly connected with each other, which implies messages are easier to spread around every corner in the community in just one night. Hence, we can see WeChat as one of the most cost-effective and valuable mode of communication to allow you to achieving marketing objectives such as promoting new products, building up brand image and enhancing brand loyalty.


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MOME Gives Sharing in MIM’s Discussion Forum

MOME was invited to give sharing on the topic of talent development in ”New Trend of Strategic Flow and Development of Talents” Discussion Forum hosted by Macau Institute of Management on 22nd October afternoon.

Man Wong, the Executive Director represented MOME as one of the speakers to share on her experience of career planning and the core elements of successful talent mobility in digital marketing.


Wong agreed most employers would always appreciate employees who are willing to take on challenges. Thus being hardworking, keen to identify and resolve problems, and having the ability to convert threats into opportunities are some qualities that a high-potential talent should have. She encouraged participants to keep a close eye on what is happening around to retain competitiveness.

Attending guests also included Carol Kam, Assistant Vice President of Organization Development & Training of Galaxy Entertainment Group; Jacinta Ho, Managing Director of JC Human Resources Consulting, and Gilbert Chong, Macau Registered Auditor and Accountant.

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2016 Oct: Suncity Group X MOMEplay Campaign

Suncity Group X MOMEplay “Grand Prix” Campaign


Date: Oct 18th, 2016 to Oct 28th, 2016

Highlight: This was a similar project as MOMEplay New Jetso – participant who collected all components in the fastest manner will be awarded. However, new mechanism was introduced: they were allowed to “send” and “steal” components to or from a friend so make the mission more unpredictable and exciting. They can even check up who had moved their components when they came back.

Outcome: More than 90,000 people participated the campaign and had attracted 13,000 new fans for Suncity Group’s official Wechat Account.

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2016 Sep: Chimelong X MOMEplay Campaign

Chimelong X MOMEplay VR Halloween Carnival Campaign

Date: Sep 30th, 2016 to Oct 10th, 2016

Highlight: Unlike previous campaigns, it contained 3 challenges and participants were free to complete any of them to win entry ticket, F&B coupon etc in the Halloween Carnival. They can enhance the chance to win by inviting more friends and completing questionnaire.

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“Macau Fun” Records Macao International Firework Festival


Entrusted by the Macao Government Tourism Office, MOME welcomes its third year of producing “Macau Fun”, a feature program documenting the renowned Macao International Firework Festival. Aside from introducing the history, development, production and the highlights of the competition nights like the previous collection, the new series includes encouraging drama elements acted by 3 local artists to enrich the program.



The plot lies on how Josie, an ambitious white collar, in becoming a firework designer and her experience. With the help of her best mates Hyper and AJ, Josie finally takes the trophy at a prominent firework competition and become the first female firework designer in Macao.



The 12-episode program is now airing on MOME TV and is ready on our YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/X0g7Ca.

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First-ever Voluntary Program Successfully Launched

MOME initiated their first volunteer program by visiting 2 NGOs in September 2016 to enhance staff members’ engagement in community and sense of belonging.

To spread warmth and love at the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, 13 volunteers of MOME visited ECF Fellowship Orphanage Inc. and Macau Down Syndrome Association on 3rd & 4th September respectively. The volunteer team had set up lantern handicraft workshop and a series of games for the children in the organizations.




The agency’s Directors Joe Liu and Joseph Chan were delighted to see the outcome. “This is a good start for the entire staff development,” said Liu. “Give is more blessed than receive, I hope this practice would develop into a crucial part in our corporate culture.”

MOME strives to provide professional one-stop marketing solutions to its clients and spares no effort in promoting charity movements. The highlight video of the visitation will be broadcasted on its exclusive mobile media channel MOME TV to arouse public’s attention to the underprivileged group.

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2016 Aug: Macau Tower X MOMEplay New Jetso Campaign

Macau Tower X MOMEplay New Jetso Campaign


Date: Aug 19th, 2016 to Sep 1st, 2016

Highlight: The campaign was launched during Macao International Firework Festival to promote its exclusive buffet experience with glamorous firework. Participation was enthusiastic and each round of redemption ended in less than 2 hours.

Outcome:  Total participation exceeded 42,000 people in 2 weeks and redemption rate is over 93%. Sales is tremendously boosted compared with last year.

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2016 Aug: Alpha Group X MOMEPLAY Campaign

Alpha Group X MOMEPLAY Campaign


Date: Aug 19th, 2016 to Sep 18th, 2016

Highlights: Via media buy on Bus TV and interactive O2O campaign to promote Alpha Group’s new service with Alipayin Macau.

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2016 Aug CTM X MOMEplay Campaign

CTM X MOMEplay Campaign


Date: Aug 17th, 2016 to Sep 8th, 2016

Highlights: The campaign was tailor-made to promote the new service and usage plan of CTM with the theme of space shuttle travelling. Participants could win all prizes offered by the telecommunication company progressively via the game.

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2016 Aug: “MOlympics” MOMEplay Campaign

“MOlympics” MOMEplay Campaign


Date: Aug 5th, 2016 to Aug 21st, 2016

Highlight: The game is designed in the way of “Monopoly” and set in a stadium to cohere the theme. Each “athlete” will roll the dice and move accordingly, they will be awarded lucky draw opportunity or medal for prize redemption.

Outcome: Total participants exceeded 140,000 and more than 100,000 people participated the campaign in 48 hours, all prizes were redeemed in a glance.

Advertising TVC: https://goo.gl/rDe9hw

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