Shopping Festival MOMEplay ends with Distinctive Results

Macau Shopping Festival 2016 X MOMEplay Campaign had come to the end with overwhelming results: total participants exceeded 220,000 and the game is one of the longest and most popular MOMEplay campaigns. Many shop at designated retailers after redeeming coupons and gift certificates during Christmas, and had created chain effect and sales growth for the retail sector.

The activity is a core component of “Lucky Draw Trio”. Firstly, participants could win golden coins in MOMEplay to redeem more than 150 kinds of coupons and gifts. To encourage participation, 3 more chances were granted for daily login. And that they could join live lucky draw after shopping; lastly, all participants in live lucky draw were eligible to enter the ultimate lucky draw in January 2017 to win prizes of MOP500,000.

*Executive Director Man Wong introduced the digital campaign during the press conference

Launched during 3rd to 31st December, Macau Shopping Festival is a great occasion for retail sector. Per the organizer, Macao had accommodated more than 30,000,000 visitors last year and the group had spent over MOP$65 billion in retail. It is believed the fest can optimize the structure of visiting tourists and stimulate consumer demand, and hence to inject motivation to local economy.


Liu Receives Gold Award in Young Entrepreneur in Business Awards of Macau 2016

November is the month for exciting news – MOME’s Director Joe Liu was awarded Gold Award in Young Entrepreneur in Business Awards of Macau 2016.


The gala dinner and awarding ceremony of the 4th Business Awards of Macau was held in Grand Lisboa on 24th November. The Young Entrepreneur category acknowledges the outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and achievements of entrepreneurs younger than 40 years old.

Joe Liu and Joseph Chan co-founded MOME Media & Marketing in 2013. In three years’ time, its business model is becoming more mature in 2016. For instance, the number of installed mobile monitors is over 1,000, the agency also becomes the sole taxi mobile media provider in Macau. Its digital platform MOMEplay, have gained positive reputation over the public with average participation of 100,000 people.

Revealed during the award acceptance speech, Liu expressed his gratitude to his team and partners. “I am very lucky, I am very fortunate, I am able to make a lot of good friends, along the way I get a lot of great support.”



At this stage, MOME is ready to expand its business in South East Asia and Mainland China in the direction of digital marketing and e-ecommerce. “We will continue to work hard, we will continue to innovate, and to make Macau a better place,” Liu concluded.

The Business Awards of Macau was instituted with the objective of promoting and acknowledging outstanding contributions to the community, and exceptional business achievements by local entrepreneurs, managers and companies.



MOME Names the Winner of the Most Innovative Media and Marketing Solutions in HKMVC Awards


MOME was proudly awarded as the winner of the Most Innovative Media and Marketing Solutions of the Year in Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies (HKMVC) Awards 2017 at the gala dinner hosted in Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel on 17th November.



*MOME’s Director Joe Liu received the trophy from the Chairman of AMG Financial Group Arnold Yeung


In 2016, MOME had carried out more than 15 digital campaigns for local brands and industry giants, including Macao Tourism Tourism Office, Macau Tower, Suncity Group, Future Bright Group, ICBC, CTM, etc. Each of the campaigns had successfully achieved remarkable results and  is able to cope with marketing objectives set by the clients.


Founded by the reputed international business magazine publisher Mediazone Group, the awards recognize Hong Kong & China’s most reputed and promising brands throughout the year in business community.


Let’s Fly, Momanababa!


“Momanababa”, the flying machine created by two local creative companies MOME and Manner, took off in “Redbull Flugtag 2016” held in Kai Tak Runway Park on 27th November. The project was fully supported by Macau General Aviation and Flying Association (MGAFA) and Allway Advertising & Production Ltd. (Allway).



“Momanababa” is the first participating group from Macau ever since. From planning, design to building, the flying machine took 4 months to complete.

The flying machine was 6 meters long with a giant glider on the top. Joe Liu, the Director of MOME and core participant, explained the design was inspired by the modes of transportation connecting Macau and Hong Kong. “We come up with an idea of combining ferry and helicopter in our design, and that becomes a cheerful spaceship.”







*The making of Momanababa


Though not receiving any prizes in the event, the “pilot” of “Momanababa” Hou was satisfied with the result. “Ours may not be perfect, as long as it can ‘fly’ a bit, that already means a lot to us.”

As supporting units who provided consultancy throughout the project, MGAFA and Allway were happy with the outcome. “Through providing consultancy support, we hope to arouse youth’s knowledge and interest in general aviation,” said Clovis Chu, the President of MGAFA.

The owner of Allway Tina Wong was delighted by the perseverance of the members. “Creativity requires trials and practices in order to succeed, we encourage young people to bravely take up their first step to make progress.”




*MGAFA and Allway provided consultancy to Momanababa


Organized by Red Bull HK, Hong Kong Aviation Club and Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, “Red Bull Flugtag 2016” is an international event which dares both the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot home-made, human-powered flying machines off a 6 meter high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder. The event has been held in over 44 countries including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, US, Germany.

Suncity Grand Prix MOMEplay: A Thrilling Experience


Co-launched with Suncity Group, the latest MOMEplay campaign themed on Grand-Prix featuring iPhone 7 as ultimate prize had enjoyed huge popularity among participants since its launch on 18th October.

This was a similar project as MOMEplay New Jetso – participant who collected all components in the fastest manner will be awarded. However, a new mechanism was introduced: they were allowed to “send” and “steal” compo- nents to or from a friend so make the mission more unpredictable and exciting.

Why WeChat is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing in Macao?

WeChat, one of the leading instant messaging tools in the world, has become integrated into the daily live of most Macao residents that not to be overlooked. Businesses, either big or small all realize users’ heavy reliance on the messenger and its enormous capacity to communication, making WeChat the battlefield of carrying out promotion and marketing.

Tencent Pinguin Research released “WeChat Impact Report” in March 2016 with the sample group consisting 40,443 participants online and 1,101 participants on the phone in China, as well as 1,017 WeChat official account operators and 806 enterprise account operators. The result has fully reflected WeChat’s indispensable role in changing users’ lifestyle and interpersonal relationship, and the ecosystem of promotion and marketing.

According to the result, 94% of WeChat users use WeChat everyday, in which 61% opens Wechat more than 10 times per day; on the other hand, the research initiated by Macao Association for Internet Research also indicates users in Macao open WeChat as high as 16 times in average per day.


Furthermore, more than half of the users use WeChat more than one hour, which means WeChat has become one of the most used social media for mobile Internet users.


WeChat owns 600 million active users and its penetration rate in Macao has exceeded 94% in 2015, which is equivalent to mainland China first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc. At the same time, each WeChat user owns at least 50 to even hundreds of “friends”, which implies at least 14,000 perspective customers can be reached if 100 users share related advertising message on WeChat Moments.

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In such a tiny area like Macao, interpersonal relationship is tightly connected with each other, which implies messages are easier to spread around every corner in the community in just one night. Hence, we can see WeChat as one of the most cost-effective and valuable mode of communication to allow you to achieving marketing objectives such as promoting new products, building up brand image and enhancing brand loyalty.


Tencent Pinguin Research. (2016). WeChat Impact Report. Tencent. (2015).
WeChat User Global Report 2015. Cheung, & Sheng. (2015).
Macao Residents Social Application and Online Purchasing Survey Report.


MOME Gives Sharing in MIM’s Discussion Forum

MOME was invited to give sharing on the topic of talent development in ”New Trend of Strategic Flow and Development of Talents” Discussion Forum hosted by Macau Institute of Management on 22nd October afternoon.

Man Wong, the Executive Director represented MOME as one of the speakers to share on her experience of career planning and the core elements of successful talent mobility in digital marketing.


Wong agreed most employers would always appreciate employees who are willing to take on challenges. Thus being hardworking, keen to identify and resolve problems, and having the ability to convert threats into opportunities are some qualities that a high-potential talent should have. She encouraged participants to keep a close eye on what is happening around to retain competitiveness.

Attending guests also included Carol Kam, Assistant Vice President of Organization Development & Training of Galaxy Entertainment Group; Jacinta Ho, Managing Director of JC Human Resources Consulting, and Gilbert Chong, Macau Registered Auditor and Accountant.

img_1563 img_1569

“Macau Fun” Records Macao International Firework Festival


Entrusted by the Macao Government Tourism Office, MOME welcomes its third year of producing “Macau Fun”, a feature program documenting the renowned Macao International Firework Festival. Aside from introducing the history, development, production and the highlights of the competition nights like the previous collection, the new series includes encouraging drama elements acted by 3 local artists to enrich the program.



The plot lies on how Josie, an ambitious white collar, in becoming a firework designer and her experience. With the help of her best mates Hyper and AJ, Josie finally takes the trophy at a prominent firework competition and become the first female firework designer in Macao.



The 12-episode program is now airing on MOME TV and is ready on our YouTube channel:

First-ever Voluntary Program Successfully Launched

MOME initiated their first volunteer program by visiting 2 NGOs in September 2016 to enhance staff members’ engagement in community and sense of belonging.

To spread warmth and love at the eve of Mid-autumn Festival, 13 volunteers of MOME visited ECF Fellowship Orphanage Inc. and Macau Down Syndrome Association on 3rd & 4th September respectively. The volunteer team had set up lantern handicraft workshop and a series of games for the children in the organizations.




The agency’s Directors Joe Liu and Joseph Chan were delighted to see the outcome. “This is a good start for the entire staff development,” said Liu. “Give is more blessed than receive, I hope this practice would develop into a crucial part in our corporate culture.”

MOME strives to provide professional one-stop marketing solutions to its clients and spares no effort in promoting charity movements. The highlight video of the visitation will be broadcasted on its exclusive mobile media channel MOME TV to arouse public’s attention to the underprivileged group.

Fook Union: the 2nd Runner-up of Start-up Motivation Contest

MOME’s start-up proposal “Fook Union” was awarded the third place in Macao Youth Start-up Motivation Contest “Internet +” category for its comprehensive planning.  img_0554-copy

The final of the contest took place at Macau Science Museum on 31st August. A total of 22 proposals fought for the top 3 in each category.



Developed by MOME, Fook Union is a comprehensive leisure phone app. With traditional functions such as searching, commenting and e-coupons, Fook also supports ticketing, online payment and editorial. Fook will be launched on ios and Android formally before 2016.


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