UM Entrepreneurship Society Visits MOME

Participants of Global Entrepreneurship Youth Conference 2017 (GEYC) visited MOME on 29th June under the organization of Entrepreneurship Society of UMSU.

Joe Liu, MOME’s Director introduced to 25 students from Macau, Mainland China and Vietnam on the market development and opportunities of local media market. He also shared stories behind the establishment of MOME and encourage them to take on dreams and risks.


“My sight was widened and I got to know more about the operation and business model of Macau enterprises, which is beneficial to learn about,” said one of the participants from Vietnam, “Their experiences inspired me a lot and I hope I can start up my own business one day.”

GEYC aimed to strengthen communications between young entrepreneurs and local students, hence to enhance their networking, critical thinking ability and competitiveness. The program consisted of a series of seminars, visitations and competitions.


The company published a video showing a sneak peek of the new project, which can be seen below
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