Liu Shares E-business Prospect in IPM

Director of MOME Joe Liu attended a guest lecture in Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) as the Vice President of Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association (AIDIT) on 15th March.

The board of council of AIDIT was invited to give sharing on the development and prospect of E-commerce to IPM’s junior students majoring e-business, both parties exchanged their thoughts and ideas in the 2-hour activity.


The President of AIDIT Ms Lee introduced the background of the organization and identified commercial opportunities in local market in the first session.


Penny Chao, the Chairman of AIDIT made an introductory of “WiFi Guide” project during the second part. He elaborated the future of internet-oriented platforms and encouraged students to make good use of current resources to fulfill their goals.


As the Vice President of the organization and an entrepreneur, Joe shared his personal experience of setting up his business.


He emphasized “being studious and alert to opportunities is the key to success”. He also agreed e-commerce is a global phenomenon and he is planning to invest more resources to the field to catch up with global development.


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