Liu Shares E-business Prospect in IPM

Director of MOME Joe Liu attended a guest lecture in Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) as the Vice President of Macau International Industrial Technology Development Association (AIDIT) on 15th March.

The board of council of AIDIT was invited to give sharing on the development and prospect of E-commerce to IPM’s junior students majoring e-business, both parties exchanged their thoughts and ideas in the 2-hour activity.


The President of AIDIT Ms Lee introduced the background of the organization and identified commercial opportunities in local market in the first session.


Penny Chao, the Chairman of AIDIT made an introductory of “WiFi Guide” project during the second part. He elaborated the future of internet-oriented platforms and encouraged students to make good use of current resources to fulfill their goals.


As the Vice President of the organization and an entrepreneur, Joe shared his personal experience of setting up his business.


He emphasized “being studious and alert to opportunities is the key to success”. He also agreed e-commerce is a global phenomenon and he is planning to invest more resources to the field to catch up with global development.


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The Season of Ideas – New Programs Overview

Spring is the season of ideas, MOME has launched 2 new programs to enrich audience experience in the new season.

“Coming into Beauty”

“Coming into Beauty” is the latest informative program produced by MOME TV to bring about current beauty technologies and trends to the audience. The first 4 episodes introduces the most up-to-minute semi-permanent makeup technology, including eyebrow reshaping, eyeliner tattoo and foundation infusion. Experienced specialist will demonstrate the process and showcase the outcome in front of the camera. In the meantime, the series clarify myths and misunderstandings regarding cosmetology and advise audiences to understand all the risks before implementing related treatments.



“Frankaview” elaborates social phenomenon in a humorous manner with the neighborhood. Everyone holds their own statement and what is the truth?

The first episode elaborates the phenomenon of “Monster parents”. Every parents hope their children to have a bright future, however, are you pushing them too hard?

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2017 Feb: Suncity Group X MOMEplay Campaign

Suncity Group 10th Anniversary X MOMEplay Campaign

Date: Feb 21st, 2017 to Mar 13th, 2017

Highlights: Inspired from classic tabel game Monopoly, participants were required to roll the dice to determine how many spaces they moved on their turn, and they would be awarded respective items for prize redemption. Each space represented a branch of Suncity Group to highlight its vibrant development in 10 years.

2017 Jan: COD X MOMEplay Campaign

COD X MOMEplay “Transformation” Campaign

Date: Jan 23rd, 2017 to Feb 10th, 2017

Highlights: Following the huge success of the Christmas MOMEplay campaign, the 5-star hotel launched its second cohesive campaign highlighting the recent makeover of the property’s shopping mall and new facilities.

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