Alpha TV To Launch in 2017

MOME, the media and marketing company has reached collaborative agreement with Alpha Group to launch “Alpha TV” in mid 2017.

On the collaboration, 40 outlets under the pharmacy group will install MOME TV monitors. In addition, 43” outdoor giant LED monitor is installed inarguably in some of the popular outlets such as Macau Square. The move aims to providing a more friendly informative channel to citizens and a cost-effective promotional medium to advertising clients.

“Alpha TV” will showcase the most reputed programs of MOME TV, such as “Macau People”&“Yummy MOME” during the trial. For instance, the mobile media provider is producing a series of health program featuring Alpha Group‘s experienced pharmacists to share health tips with the general public.

MOME TV is the pioneer of local mobile media, which had installed over 1000 monitors on Transmac public bus, taxi and Royal Supermarket outlets in the past 3 years. The collaboration with Alpha Group is a milestone for the MOME to expand its coverage and credibility.

Alpha Group is the largest local pharmacy group. Its 300 full-time staff members strive to serving free health consultancy service to local residents.


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