Full Support to “Famine Macau”

MOME is delighted to supporting World Vision’s “Macau Famine 2017” fundraising activities. The media agency would broadcast promo videos on its mobile platform to call for attention to needy children.

Joe Liu, the Director attended the launching ceremony on 17th January at Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Auditorium and accepted souvenir on stage. To encourage public to give attention to global poverty and famine problem, MOME will start broadcasting “10-hour Famine Camp” promo video on its Bus TV platform from March.

Joe is happy to support “Famine Macau”. He hoped MOME’s involvement would lead more Macau citizens to join hands helping the needy children. He also wished to carry out more community projects together with his staff in the future to contribute back to society.


Famine population worldwide exceeds 0.8 billion, which is even more damaging than some of the epidemic diseases such as AIDS and malaria. The theme of “Famine Macau” this year is “Let kids be satiated”, amount fundraised will support needy children and families in Sothern Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia affected by hunger, poverty, natural disaster and war.


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