Shopping Festival MOMEplay ends with Distinctive Results

Macau Shopping Festival 2016 X MOMEplay Campaign had come to the end with overwhelming results: total participants exceeded 220,000 and the game is one of the longest and most popular MOMEplay campaigns. Many shop at designated retailers after redeeming coupons and gift certificates during Christmas, and had created chain effect and sales growth for the retail sector.

The activity is a core component of “Lucky Draw Trio”. Firstly, participants could win golden coins in MOMEplay to redeem more than 150 kinds of coupons and gifts. To encourage participation, 3 more chances were granted for daily login. And that they could join live lucky draw after shopping; lastly, all participants in live lucky draw were eligible to enter the ultimate lucky draw in January 2017 to win prizes of MOP500,000.

*Executive Director Man Wong introduced the digital campaign during the press conference

Launched during 3rd to 31st December, Macau Shopping Festival is a great occasion for retail sector. Per the organizer, Macao had accommodated more than 30,000,000 visitors last year and the group had spent over MOP$65 billion in retail. It is believed the fest can optimize the structure of visiting tourists and stimulate consumer demand, and hence to inject motivation to local economy.


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