“Macau Fun” Records Macao International Firework Festival


Entrusted by the Macao Government Tourism Office, MOME welcomes its third year of producing “Macau Fun”, a feature program documenting the renowned Macao International Firework Festival. Aside from introducing the history, development, production and the highlights of the competition nights like the previous collection, the new series includes encouraging drama elements acted by 3 local artists to enrich the program.



The plot lies on how Josie, an ambitious white collar, in becoming a firework designer and her experience. With the help of her best mates Hyper and AJ, Josie finally takes the trophy at a prominent firework competition and become the first female firework designer in Macao.



The 12-episode program is now airing on MOME TV and is ready on our YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/X0g7Ca.

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