MOMEplay Reaches Another Peak

A big hand to MOMEplay which reaches another peak in the number of participants! Co-launched for MGTO, “Macao Hunt – Gems Hunting” started from 23rd April until mid of May, players would be able to win prizes such as Mac Book, iPhone when they collected 8 types of gems.


We made the game more fun and challenging by dispersing the check-in points throughout Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, and thus achieving a remarkable result of 135,000 participants and 36,000 times of check-in.


To encourage more arriving tourists to participate in Macao Hunt, our team distributed free SIM Cards to tourists at Macau Border Gate, Macau Ferry Terminal and Science Museum during the Labour Day Golden Week.

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The next round of MOMEplay featuring “sports” would be launched soon, keep a close eye on our Wechat online account!


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