MOME as judge in Startup Contest

MOME was one of the judging panels in “Lean Startup Contest 2016” hosted by Hou Kong Junior Chamber. Kwok Hong, MOME’s Project and Creative Manager, attended the competition on behalf of MOME.


The contest took place on 25th June at Civil Officer Training Center. Participants who had joined the Lean Startup training workshops in May and June showcased their startup up projects and were feed backed with professional advices from the judges.





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ICBC X MOMEplay Gets You Off To a Good Start

If life was like a running track, every stage in life would mean a starting line. To get off to a good start, “ICBC X MOMEplay Stand by You” Campaign awards you amazing prizes to make you better equipped to meet future challenges in life.


The game is presented in the format of a running competition. If you are able to catch 5 icons during your turn, you will be awarded an electronic scratch card which may grant you great prizes such as iPhone SE and $1,888 cash credit. Additional chance will be awarded for a click by each friend, and filling in-game questionnaire will grant you 3 additional chances.



The game period starts from 27th Jun until 17th July, let’s gather your friends to goal!


MOME Gives Talk on Business Startups

Invited by Fukien Youth Federation of Macao, MOME gave talk on startup entrepreneurship in “Internet + and Youth Opportunity” Forum on 10th June in Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel Banquet Room.


During the forum, Man Wong, Executive Director of MOME, elaborated and gave examples on the development of Internet technology related industries in Macau. She believed though the local market seemed lacking of diversity, in fact enormous opportunities were presented and benefited from the rapid rise of tourism. Entrepreneurs needed to take a closer look on the market trend to create new opportunities.



“Internet + and Youth Opportunity” was hosted by Fukien Youth Federation of Macao. 4 speakers from Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau shared their vision on business startups in the era of Internet +. write college papers

MOMEplay Reaches Another Peak

A big hand to MOMEplay which reaches another peak in the number of participants! Co-launched for MGTO, “Macao Hunt – Gems Hunting” started from 23rd April until mid of May, players would be able to win prizes such as Mac Book, iPhone when they collected 8 types of gems.


We made the game more fun and challenging by dispersing the check-in points throughout Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, and thus achieving a remarkable result of 135,000 participants and 36,000 times of check-in.


To encourage more arriving tourists to participate in Macao Hunt, our team distributed free SIM Cards to tourists at Macau Border Gate, Macau Ferry Terminal and Science Museum during the Labour Day Golden Week.

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The next round of MOMEplay featuring “sports” would be launched soon, keep a close eye on our Wechat online account!


This psychology today article, how technology is changing the way children think and focus, reminds of the malleability of the brain and that, while technology can have beneficial effects on the brain, it can also have deleterious effects

MOME Becomes the Official Digital Marketing & Media Partner of IFFAM

MOME accepted the Certificate of Acknowledgement as the Official Digital Marketing & Media Partner of the First International Film Festival & Awards Macao from Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, MGTO Director in the Press conference.


The press conference of the First International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM) was hosted on 27th May at Macau Tower, at which MGTO and MFTPA signed the cooperative agreement under the witness of Alexis Tam, the Secretary of for Social Affairs and Culture. After then an introductory video of IFFAM was broadcasted and all supporting units and sponsors were recognized with awarding the Certificate of Acknowledgement.




Joe Liu, the Director on MOME was happy to take part in this international event. “We will pay our full effort in helping to promote this world-class film pageant to local residents and tourists with our resources.”

IFFAM will be held during 8th to 13th December, over 500 local and international media, directors, celebrities, producers, investors will be invited to attend a series of event, including film competitions, screenings, film market and master class.


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Story insight: “Love at the Corner”


“Love at the Corner” was the second microfilm exclusively produced by MOME for Anzac. Unlike the previous work, it is an even more moving story and the technique of “stream of consciousness” is hugely applied to build up an intimate corporate image of Anzac – regardless of hardship, Anzac would take the role like the son to accompany you all the way to build up your dream.

Full version of the microfilm is now available on YouTube at



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