2016 Apr: MGTO X MOMEplay Campaign

MGTO X MOMEplay “Macao Hunt”

Date: Apr 23rd, 2016 to May 23rd ,2016

Highlight: The game became more challenging by dispersing check-in points across Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. The type of gems was rewarded randomly and that required participants to take part actively in order to collect all of them for prize redemption. Furthermore, free SIM cards were distributed to tourists to better promote the branding and encourage participation.

Outcome: More than 135,000 people participated in the 1-month campaign and 36,000 times of check-in were recorded.

Advertising TVC:  https://goo.gl/uJh855

You can also download the update via over-the-air using the new snap here for more ios 9
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