MOME X OCBC Awards You Red Pockets!

Sending and grabbing “red pockets” on Wechat has become a new tradition in celebrating Chinese New Year. The popularity of “Wechat Red Pocket” can be reflected on its spectacular participation – 75 million times of participation was achieved in a short period of time after its launch in January 2014. To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, MOMEplay and OCBC had prepared plenty of red pockets for all of you, have you won any?



OCBC X MOMEplay New Year Campaign launched from 5th February, prizes included iPhone6s, credit card credits, cash coupons, etc. MOMEplay knew that everyone wanted to get as many red pockets as possible, so we decided to award 2 opportunities of lucky draw for each click on the shared game link during the Lunar New Year Holiday (8th-10th February). Remember to ask your relations for help when you pay New Year calls.

The campaign had ended on 25th February, 20,000 prizes were given out with more than 100,000 people participated in the game. congratulations to the lucky fellow who won the iPhone! Who will take the Apple Watch home? Check out the result of the ultimate lucky draw!

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