“WiFi Bus +” Trail Report

“WiFi Bus +” service has been in use for 2 months. Don’t you enjoy the WiFi service while traveling with bus?

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In the first stage, CTM-WiFi hotspot and free bus WiFi hotspot are available on over 330 buses operated by Transmac. Upon successful login to designated CTM-WiFi SSID and complete the registration process, passengers will be entitled to enjoy free internet service.


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Upon user testing, the free WiFi hotspot on “Wifi Bus +” can be searched easily. Users will be redirected to the login page once the network is connected. You will need to fill in your mobile phone number to receive a SMS activation code in order to activate the internet service.


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Your device will be connected to the internet after entering the 6-digit activation code. The WiFi service is smooth, users are able to surf the net, update status on social media and watch videos online, etc. Each login will be granted 30-minute internet service.

“The popularization of WiFi and e-commerce is undoubtedly a big trend,” said Joe Liu, the Director of MOME, “Hence, ‘WiFi Bus +’ service will be further promoted to other public transportation and retail stores in order to enable local citizens and tourists to enjoy the fun of having interactivity on the Internet. In addition, local stores can also make use of this platform to promote their businesses by O2O means and create new business opportunities.”


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