MOME Collaborates with ontv to Enrich Programme Genres

Which is the come-back TV drama of T.O.P? And what is the latest trend of leisure and electronics? You will know the answers well if you follow MOME TV.

MOME, collaborating with Oriental Press Group’s online television platform ontv, starts broadcasting ontv lifestyle and entertainment programmes on MOME TV from 15th December 2015.

Aside from striving to produce local innovating programmes, MOME is trying to introduce more informative and entertainment programmes which are popular in other regions to enrich audience’s visual experience and choices. The collaboration with ontv allows MOME to offer diversified genres which are popular among audience, including lifestyle, technology, entertainment and Kpop on Bus TV and Taxi TV.

MOME TV, launched in July 2014, is our exclusive TV channel broadcasting a series of informative, entertaining and lifestyle based programmes adored by the local citizens and tourists. MOME TV is visible in a growing number of public transports, retail outlets, and online platforms.

Oriental Press Group is the largest press group in Hong Kong. ontv, launched in March 2013, provides netizens with diversified programmes, of which current affair and entertainment programmes are particularly popular.

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“WiFi Bus +” Trail Report

“WiFi Bus +” service has been in use for 2 months. Don’t you enjoy the WiFi service while traveling with bus?

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.52.17 AM

In the first stage, CTM-WiFi hotspot and free bus WiFi hotspot are available on over 330 buses operated by Transmac. Upon successful login to designated CTM-WiFi SSID and complete the registration process, passengers will be entitled to enjoy free internet service.


Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.53.09 AM

Upon user testing, the free WiFi hotspot on “Wifi Bus +” can be searched easily. Users will be redirected to the login page once the network is connected. You will need to fill in your mobile phone number to receive a SMS activation code in order to activate the internet service.


Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.58.36 AM

Your device will be connected to the internet after entering the 6-digit activation code. The WiFi service is smooth, users are able to surf the net, update status on social media and watch videos online, etc. Each login will be granted 30-minute internet service.

“The popularization of WiFi and e-commerce is undoubtedly a big trend,” said Joe Liu, the Director of MOME, “Hence, ‘WiFi Bus +’ service will be further promoted to other public transportation and retail stores in order to enable local citizens and tourists to enjoy the fun of having interactivity on the Internet. In addition, local stores can also make use of this platform to promote their businesses by O2O means and create new business opportunities.”


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“Mission MOME” Promotes Positive Energy with Love

“Mission MOME”, the first commonweal MOME TV programme, will be broadcasted on MOME TV, including Transmac buses, taxis, Royal Supermarket outlets and other online channels, from 29 December 2015.

“Mission MOME” is a brand new reality show produced by MOME TV. The major idea of the programme is to pass on hope and encouragement to the target of each episode by showing support and fulfilling his/her dream. MOME also aims to spread out positive attitude and offers an opportunity for the general public to get to know the real life of the local disadvantaged community.

Tommy Hoi, the target of the first episode, is one of the members of Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau (AFEDMM). He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since he was small, but he never felt low with his physical defect. Today, he actively takes part in paralympics and operates a Taobao purchase business by himself. Realizing Hoi’s dream of taking a helicopter trip, MOME worked along with Macau General Aviation and Flying Association (MGAFA) to present a surprised to him.


Hoi demonstrated how he did internet shopping with the tailor-made device.



Presenting the surprise to Hoi.



Mr. Michael Wong happened to be the pilot of the helicopter trip.


Hosted by Macau artists, Hyper Lo and Josie Ho, the first episode presents the message of “optimism keeps you motivated and energetic” by telling the story of Hoi. The shooting is fully supported by MGAFA, Hong Kong Aviation Club and Heliservices HK.

Joe Liu and Joseph Chan, the Directors of MOME, were very confident that the new programme would be an innovative and inspiring series. “As a new media company, we do not merely offer information and entertainment for local citizens and tourists, but spread out positive messages and raise attention to the disadvantaged community with the power of media that MOME TV has,” said Liu.

“Our mission is to promote aviation knowledge and technology to the public, and offer a platform of exchange and learning to aviation amateurs. We are very happy to participate in the shooting of ‘Mission MOME’ and offer Tommy a chance to fulfill his dream towards aviation,” said Clovis Chu, the President of MGAFA.

“Thank you MOME for inviting us to be the first collaborating organization of ‘Mission MOME’, we like the programme idea a lot. I believe through MOME’s professional production and high media coverage, we will be able to allow the society to understand more about the local disadvantaged community. The story of Tommy is very encouraging, and I hope his story can change the stereotype towards intellectually disables,” said Chang, the Chairman of AFEDMM.


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