Funny Moment: Child-actors Casting

MOME Office was filled with joyful laughs of kids on the first day of child-actors casting. The little kids were extremely talented. They worked well with the camera and the crew, and also showed great interest in acting. Their warm acts had melted the heart of everybody! Let’s take a look on the funny moments in the casting!


The New generation of MOME Charming – This little boy was very good at posing, he had much potential to becoming MOME’s next spokesperson!



Prodigy of Lines – Kids nowadays are very smart, they take only a few minutes to memorize all the lines. See, the little girl was so confident!



Action! – The casting started! The young actors were very confident in front of the camera and do not suffer a bit from stage fright.


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King of Stock? – As the pronunciation of “巧虎 (a Chinese cartoon)” and “炒股 (stock speculation)” is very similar, the crew was shocked when they heard the boy liked “炒股” at such a young age… In fact, he was talking about the Chinese cartoon only.


You can expect to see a lot of it in 2016
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