Behind the Scene: “Mission MOME”


“Mission MOME”, a brand new reality show produced by MOME TV, aims at spreading positive life attitude and messages via MOME’s exclusive media coverage.

Sio Keong is the protagonist in the first story. He suffers from cerebral palsy but he never feels low with his physical defect. In stead, he actively takes part in paralympics and operates Taobao purchase business. In the episode, he will be given a surprise by our production team.

The first few episodes of “Mission MOME” is supported by Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau, Macau General Aviation and Flying Association, Hong Kong Aviation Club, and Heliservices Hong Kong. The first episode will be broadcasted in December 2015 on MOME TV.



A surpise to Sio Keong – The guest hosts, Hyper and Josie covered Sio Keong’s eyes with a eye mask and led him to the “surprise”.



“It’s a helicopter!” – Taking off the eye mask, Sio Keong was very excited when he saw the helicopter landed in front of him.


CIMG8707 copy

Mission MOME family – Sio Keong’s dream was achieved with the help of Mission MOME family.

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