MOME First Anniversary | MOMEplay Roadshow Highlights


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MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign has officially kicked off last weekend! On July 17 to 19, 2015 MOME scouted out around Macau to recruit MOMEplay users.

On July 17, our MOME girls met the public for the first time in Senado Square and St Dominic’s Church Square. After playing MOMEplay “Shout Out Loud”, the participants will receive an instant reward of MOP50 cash coupon, doing our best to ensure those who visited the roadshow are all winners. We also gave away free mobile SIM cards, and this was especially attractive to tourists as they can have Internet access during their time in Macau.

MOME girls at Senado Square

The next day, our MOME beach boys created hype at Rua da Cunha in Taipa and further the publicity of MOMEplay. Afterwards we relocated to the intersection of Rua do Campo and Travessa dos Anjos. The MOME beach boys interacted with the pedestrians took photos and demonstrated MOMEplay. They gave a fresh and sunny vibe of MOME’s energetic image.

MOME beach boys at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys attracting a crowd at Rua da Cunha

MOME beach boys at Rua do Campo

MOME beach boys sporting the iconic color of MOME, orange

We held our third day event on Rua se Pedro Nolasco da Silva near St Dominic’s Church Square and we had the most participation that day.

MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign

In just three days, we have generated more than 100,000 impressions by our offline and online media platforms on buses, taxis and social media. More than 3,500 users have taken part in MOMEplay 1st anniversary campaign. The odds are in your favor because we still have over 400 prizes awaiting claim!

For the upcoming Saturday and Sunday, July 25 -26, 2015, we will be back at Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, so if you missed us the previous weekend, be sure to mark down your calendars and come hang out!



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