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MOME believes creativity and results are equally important to advertisers.

During a client meeting, presenting the strategic proposal is one of the most critical factors of gaining the client’s trusts which can result in winning the account. From the client’s perspective, using a good advertising plan can increase its brand awareness and maintain its relationship with the loyal customers. It’s almost like choosing a future husband. An effective advertising plan may become viral, boost the brand performance and increase sales.

When “selling” your plan to your client, it starts with “selling” your character. Clients are usually attracted to “charming”AMs and agencies. They are more likely to agree with your ideas if you can show them your confidence and answer all their questions. The pitching meeting is also a psychological battle. There is a metaphor in the industry “Agencies are like Santa Claus, we get all kinds of requests.” However, there is no “difficult clients”. Building a strong trust relationship with the client is the key to winning the account.

Besides professionalism and persuading skills, the advertising network and products are also very important. MOME is dedicated to develop an O2O platform and become a one-stop marketing solution. By leveraging Macau’s number 1 mobile medium, we are able to to spread advertising messages farther and broader.

Below are some images shared by WATERCRAB – “What if Santa was an agency?”


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MOME Staff Sharing | From Event Planning to Media Business Development

MOME Chester Kim

My name is Chester Kim, I had been an event specialist in the industry for more than 8 years since I started my career back in Malaysia. I came to Macau since 2011 and when I first relocated to here I considered Macau is too small of a place to grow my career. However, after I joined MOME at the end of 2013, it totally changed my perspective.

MOME provides huge opportunities for me to grow professionally as well as gaining valuable experience that I could never have in Malaysia. I joined MOME as a Business Development Manager and I took advantages from my previous event planning experience, strategic thinking creativity and leveraged those skills into our exclusive mobile media platforms.

In Jan 2015, we created the first flash mob orchestra performance campaign for Macao Orchestra and attracted the biggest crowd of audience in the central area of Macao. The campaign also successfully increased Macao Orchestra’s brand awareness and brought a fun and playful image to local classic brand.

MOME Macau Orchestra Flash Mob

Although my daily duties are quite different comparing to my old job, the diversities and opportunities keep me going and make me fall in love with the media and marketing industry. Within this short period of time with MOME, I had the chance to acquire new clients from various industries, such as banking, hospitality, automobile, gaming, government department, food and beverage and more. I look forward to the challenges ahead and showing how an integrated media and marketing solution can help a brand to reach its objectives and goals.

MOME TV | Bringing Fun to Public Transportation


TV monitors are installed in many buses and taxis in Macau nowadays. Passengers are able to receive information and entertainment during their trip on these public transportation. Their journey is more than just looking at the view outside of the window or their mobile devices. There new media are bring more fun to the public transportation in Macau.

Being one of the biggest bus and taxi TV media in Macau, MOME TV’s mission is to provide quality new information, local production and entertainment to our audience. Therefore, MOME TV is always looking for new ideas for our program in order to advance Macau’s entertainment industry.

MOME TV has high standards on our own production. We have also invited a few of TVB’s ex-directors to join our team. Our current productions include: 《澳門人情味》、《MOME小百科》、《Crazy Moment》、《全城熱播》、《澳遊作樂》、《Quick Fit》、《Pet’s Love》、《What App is the Best》、《創夢‧擊情》、《邊度有味》and more. New programs will be updated continuously, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and like our Facebook page to learn more!

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MOME Sponsorship: UM Communication Society #V15s Contest


University of Macau Students’ Union Communication Society was running a creative video contest – “#V15s” in March to April, 2015, and MOME was the official media sponsor for the event. All submissions have been collected already and MOME will be showcasing the top 10 “Best Videos” on MOME TV in the coming month.

“#V15s” means “Videos in 15 seconds” and the theme of the contest is “Ours”. Contestants only have to send a 15-second long direct video message to @COMM_SOC on Instagram to participant. “#V15s” is the official hashtag for contestants who what to share their production with the public. Two awards – “Best Video” and “Most Popular Video” will be given to the selected videos. The event aims to inspire the students’ creativity and encourage them to create videos with their mobile devices. In addition, all submissions are required to be recorded on the new University of Macau campus in order to have the university students to pay more attention to their surrounding environment.

MOME supports authentic local culture and creativity. Follow our channel to see more “made in Macau” productions.

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