MOME Case Study: MGTO “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of Ram” – WeChat Campaigns

MOME澳動傳科 - MGTO WeChat Campaign 案例

Coming to the “We” era, WeChat users have exceeded 700 million. By taking advantages of this trend, many businesses and governmental departments started leveraging WeChat to promote instant updates and interact with their followers.

In February, MOME conducted “WeChat New Year Lucky Draw” and “WeChat Blessing Message Wall” campaign for MGTO’s “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of Ram”. Users only need to scan a QR code and follow MGTO’s official WeChat account to register for the lucky draw. Resulting in more than 76,000 WeChat users participant. It became the most participated WeChat promotional campaign in Macau. Regarding to the WeChat message wall, as long as users leave messages at the MGTO’s official account, their messages might be selected to be shown on the live streaming projected screen during the parade. Being able to share wishes and blessings with the public, more than 500 users sent us their messages in the three hour event. The event also became the first major WeChat wall campaign in Macau.


Both campaigns received good reviews and participation. We successfully raised MGTO’s brand awareness and increased its following. More importantly, users are paying more attention to Macau festivals, holiday events and its international traveling destination image.

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MOME Case Study: Let’s Catch MOME – an O2O Collaboration

Let's Catch MOME

Social media became one of the major trends in new media. It is pointless for a brand to only have its official account “exist” on social platforms. In order to optimize marketing communication and public relations leveraging social media, one not only has to actively manage its account but also has to bring online conversations to offline activities.

Many brands advertise promotions and sales online to attract consumers to spend money offline. In contrary, they also invite their customers on traditional media (offline) to interact with their brand online. All of these tactics are good examples, showing how digital and mobile media are becoming irreplaceable in marketing and PR communication.

Earlier this year, MOME launched a Facebook campaign – “Let’s Catch MOME”. By leveraging a series of bus body advertisement, we asked our fans to take a picture of the “MOME Buses”, submit it to our Facebook page for a chance to win prizes. As a result, we successfully increased our brand awareness and following. We also created a fun image for our bus body advertisements by taking advantage of O2O marketing.

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How People Search and Shop Online in China

Searching and shopping on the internet is nothing new to customers. According to the info-graphic below, about 600 million users are on the internet and 464 million users access the internet on their smartphones and wireless devices in China. Baidu has the biggest market share in the search engine market and about half of the Chinese population made at least one online purchase in 2013. China’s e-commerce market is set to be worth $541 billion in 2015. 60-65 percent of users click on websites which are listed in the top ten positions in the results. All of this numbers are suggesting that the online market is growing in a rapid speed and users are getting more comfortable searching and buying online. Therefore, Brands are spending much more money and resources on optimizing their digital presence and search engine rankings.

MOME has a strong digital marketing and “mobile first” vision. Our team has experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google and Baidu advertising and e-commerce integration on both global and local basis. MOME is dedicated to create comprehensive O2O (Online to Offline) campaigns when maximizing communication touch points.

We have held Google AdWords campaigns for the official local Toyota dealership in Macau – Yat Fung Motors. Focusing on the local market, we recommended having digital ad placements on the most searched and relevant keywords, most visited websites and mobile applications. By leveraging Google AdWords, we were able to target specific demographics, geographic and internet browsing behavior. As a result, we successfully generated the highest impressions and clicks from our target market to enhance the clients ROI (Return-on-Investment).

China Digital Infographic

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